MZ Electronic announces the takeover of Progetto Elica

Propellers Italian production

Propellers Italian productionMZ Electronic, the company specialised in electronic and mechanical accessories for nautical market and based in Monza, has just announced the takeover of Progetto Elica s.r.l..

Progetto Elica was born from the experience of SBM, a historic Italian propeller company founded in 1963. The company, located near Milan, that specializes in the design and production of custom-made propellers (both fully submerged and surface piercing), shaft lines and rudders for boats up to 150 feet (both pleasureand commercial).

Because of the long experience and very high skill level of the staff, Progetto Elica can design and produce both customized propellers and replicas of already existing propellers. Progetto Elica employ a combination of advanced technologies (CAD/CAE design, CAM machining, computerized pitch gauge, dynamic balancing), skilled craftmanship and expertise in the finishing processes for all the custom-made propellers. Progetto Elica production process is tightly controlled at every step, in order to supply high qualit propellers, delivering optimal performances relative to the specifications of every single boat.


Progetto Elica designs and produces fully submerged and surface piercing propellers, from 3 to 6 blades, up to a maximum diameter of 1500mm, according to the following process:

  1. design of the propeller (CADCAE technology);
  2. production of the propeller mould for casting through 3D printing technology (CAM);
  3. casting and material quality control;
  4. machining and handmade finishing;
  5. propeller measurement by computerized pitch gauge;
  6. propeller keyway or toothing;
  7. certificated dynamic balancing.

The propellers are produced in aluminum-bronze (NiBrAl) or manganese-brass (OTS2).

Shaft Lines

Progetto Elica designs and produces a complete shaft lines assisting the shipyard to define the specifications:

  • bronze and stainless steel rudders with connection rod;
  • propeller shafts;
  • coupling flanges;
  • brass brackets;
  • metal-rubber bearings;
  • shaft seals.