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Yamaha introduces the innovative Premium V6 range

new yamaha engines

ouboard powerful engineFor over 60 years, Yamaha has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence in outboard design.

With the introduction of extremely powerful and high-performance engines, Yamaha wanted to overcome all performance limits, reaching the maximum expression of innovation and focusing on reduced fuel consumption, without ever giving up adaptability. But Yamaha’s ambitious goal is to “accelerate the beat“, increase adrenaline and give emotions and thrills: the company has always developed products that nourish customer passion.

Thanks to the great power and dynamic performance combination, the Yamaha range offers solutions for all boating needs.

The families of Yamaha Marine outboard motors

  • Premium (425 – 225 hp) – The top of engineering design, with unmatched power and performance.
  • High Power (200 – 90 hp) – Endless thrills, with impressive acceleration and sophisticated performance.
  • Mid Power (80 – 30 hp) – Performance and ease of handling, with maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Versatile (25 – 8 hp) – Unique power / weight ratio, maximum control, with great engine qualities.
  • Portable (6 – 2.5 hp) – Incredibly flexible, lightweight and easy to use – just turn it on and go.
  • Electric Drive – Comfortable, ecological and ideal for small boats.

The new V6 range (F300 – F250 – F225) shares the DNA of the flagship XTO, which is reflected in its cutting-edge technology and Yamaha’s engineering excellence, to create models of exceptional power and superior performance. From the combination of power, efficiency, passion and design comes a new standard that redefines the performance of the V6 range.

The Premium V6 segment offers a wide range of emotions for any use, from everyday use to long-range cruising. Designed for everyone, from professionals and enthusiasts to new users approaching the sea for the first time, the V6 range has been created to increase thrills and deliver extreme power levels.

The V6 range will be available from 2022 and will be presented as an Italian premiere at the Genoa Boat Show, in September 2021.

New engines V6 of 300 – 250 hp

 powerful and high-performance enginesThe refined, essential and lightweight design of the 300 and 250 hp V6 engines inherits many stylistic sparks from the “big brother” XTO and it’s the most feature-rich Premium V6 engine that Yamaha has ever produced. Customers will appreciate Yamaha’s exclusive new features and exciting performances.

For the 300 and 250 hp V6 engines, features such as Digital Electric Steering Control (DES), Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt function and Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE), are accompanied by the stunning new look inspired by the XTO model.

Digital Electric Steering (DES)

DES is now an integrated feature in the 300 and 250 hp V6 engines, equipped with Steer by Wire. Digital electric steering offers a smoother and more intuitive driving experience, without hydraulic systems to vent or annoying cables to fix. This feeling of superior efficiency and practicality will accompany you over time.

The benefits include the aft with a cleaner layout, with no pumps or pipes. Motors with DBW can be equipped with the new integrated Helm Master EX system (optional).

Non-SBW F300 and F250 V6 outboards can be equipped with digital electric steering (DES) or traditional hydraulic steering system.


Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt ™ function allows full lifting, up and down, (without contact with the trim piston) from any position, with a simple double press of the lift button on the remote control box. During the process, the alarm sounds to warn other people to move away from the outboard, and the integrated tilt limiter helps preventing unintentional accidents.

Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE)

More efficient reverse and low-speed maneuvering: the TERE system keeps exhaust bubbles above the anti-ventilation plate and away from the propeller below 2500 rpm when reversing. So, the propeller only works with bubble-free water, with exceptional control and reverse thrust. It can be combined with the Helm Master EX joystick and optional DES for excellent maneuverability. This solution is very useful for maneuvering around quays and confined spaces.

Elegant, essential and light design

Inspired by the look of the “big brother” XTO, the F300 and F250 models have the double color White and Gray (foot and engine of the same color). The layout of these outboards is completed with a new one-piece grille equipped with an air duct capable of draining the water, the totally new lower part of the grille, a design that ensures protection and exclusive graphics.

Improved engine mounts

premium v6 range yamahaInherited from the XTO, the lower engine mounts are larger and softer resulting in reduced vibration and a softer ride.

New and improved lower unit

The new 300 and 250 hp 4.2-liter V6 engines have a new and improved lower unit, with new design and components. Completely redesigned, the tooth profile of the gear has improved contact and reduced the pressure on the surface of the tooth itself. In addition, reliability has been improved by changing the oil flow inside the lower unit and the bearings that support the gears.

New engines V6 of 225 hp

The DNA of the XTO flagship is evident in the new 225hp Yamaha V6 and this important legacy continues with a combination of innovative new features, increased reliability and excellent performance.

The new engine block of the large displacement 225hp V6, like the more powerful models, is equipped with a unique long intake manifold, exhaust system inside the V, fuel injection system controlled by the ECM (Electronic Control Module) and Variable Cam Timing (VCT), with outstanding reliability and excellent fuel efficiency.

Elegant, essential and light design

Inspired by the look of the “big brother” XTO, the F225 will be available in the classic Yamaha Gray color. The layout of this model is completed with a new one-piece grille equipped with an air duct capable of draining water, the totally new lower part of the grille, a design that ensures protection and exclusive graphics.

New and improved lower unit: new components, design features and increased durability

The new 4.2-liter 225 hp V6 engines have a new and improved bottom unit, with new internal components and incredible features. The innovative design of the gear tooth profile has been improved to reduce the contact surface. In addition, reliability has been enhanced by changing the flow of oil inside the lower compartment and the bearings that support the gears.

New Drive by Wire (DBW) system with side recessed throttle

The new 6X9 Drive by Wire Flush Mount Control is designed to bring the benefits of the Helm Master EX system to a wider range of unique boats. The DBW with side recessed throttle uses Yamaha’s latest electronic control system, with much smoother and more precise control, customers will appreciate its ergonomic design and premium single function buttons. It’s easy to install and allows for greater flexibility in outfitting premium dual consoles and other single engine boats where the Helm Master EX system is a must.

The DBW with side recessed throttle is suitable for installations with a single motor starting from 150 hp up to higher powers.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy