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Italy, world leader of the superyacht market

italy yacht leader

The 2021 has just begun and Italy has already confirmed its role as the world leader in the superyacht market, those over 24 meters.

Confirmation came with the publication of the third edition of Monitor’s Global Order Book, a statistical report produced by the Confindustria Nautica Research Office, with the collaboration of the Edison Foundation and Assilea and the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The numbers are impressive: 407 yachts are currently under construction, out of a total of 821 units globally. In this way, Italy stands out clearly from the second and third places in the standings, Turkey and the Netherlands, which respectively recorded 76 and 74 orders.

The president of Confindustria Nautica Saverio Cecchi commented on the subject: “Monitor offers a precise picture of the state of health of the Italian nautical market. We consider it a fundamental value to support entrepreneurs in the sector, allowing them to operate with full awareness of data and trends, even more so in a period of great complexity like the one we are experiencing“.

Nautical trends

According to a survey conducted by the Confindustria nautica research office, the Italian nautical industry will close 2020 with a global turnover of approximately 4.8 billion euros, in line with the numbers of 2019. However, the year of the pandemic has impacted the nautical tourism sector, which was penalized by the preventive measures and the restrictions on travel imposed at international level, with a drastic decrease in non-EU tourists in the Mediterranean.

The data for the current nautical year, which will close in September, nevertheless give good hope.

In the pleasure craft sector, more than two out of three companies in the industry indicate growth and only 7% a possible contraction. 41% of accessory and engine manufacturers expect growth and 49% stability. And there is also more optimism in activities related to nautical tourism: 44% growth and 50% stability.


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