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Marine by Yamaha Motor develops a new modern style for the High Power outboard motors


yamaha engineThe High Power segment is the perfect solution for enthusiasts and boat owners who choose Yamaha’s proven reliability and performance, unmatched on any vessel and for any use: from day cruisers to deep-V hull RIBs.

For offshore fishing or snorkeling with children, for a trip to the coast or for high-speed water sports, Yamaha has designed a fluid and powerful engine suitable for every need.

The 200hp and 150hp four-stroke outboards were both a revolution in the boating world when they were introduced in 2002 and 2004 respectively, and have since become among the best-selling and most reliable engines in the world.

The latest units take full advantage of the four-cylinder in-line configuration and weight reduction technology. The low weight, an advantage for a wide range of boats, contributes to significantly improve fuel efficiency and performance.

Style meets functionality

For the 2022 season, the refined pearl white color, first introduced with the 425hp V8 XTO model and more recently with the 300hp and 250hp V6 outboards, will now be available in 200hp and 150hp High Power engines.

Aiming at offering products and solutions capable of exceeding the expectations of its customers, Yamaha has decided to extend the refined and exclusive look of the very powerful premium V8 models to a wider range of engines. Thanks to the introduction of the second color, the Yamaha customer will be able to choose with maximum flexibility the version of the outboard that most satisfies him not only from a performance point of view but also from an aesthetic point of view.

The latest updates launched and implemented earlier this year will also be available in the 2022 200hp and 150hp models.

Helm Master EX and DES

The new Helm Master EX (HMEX) compatible side mount Drive-by-Wire throttle lever transfers the benefits of HMEX to a wider range of boats. This control system improves boat operation with sophisticated advanced features, improved ergonomics and improved design.

The Helm Master system is completely new and features state-of-the-art software that makes smoother the change of direction, single-function buttons for smooth operation and improved overall functionality.

Digital Electric Steering (DES) is also available on the 200hp and 150hp models: it allows you to create a more spacious and clutter-free dash area

Now also available in Pearl White color: the reduced width of these outboards allows a double installation that is extremely easy and appreciable also from an aesthetic point of view.

Boat builders benefit from the slim lines of these engines and enjoy greater flexibility in designing the now more spacious and comfortable platforms.

In addition, the slim line improves the handling of the boat. Freedom of movement is essential for optimizing the functions of the HMEX system, particularly useful in the case of single installations.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy