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A new look for Cmc Marine fin stabilizers

cmc marine new image

cmc marine communicationArtmouse, the Milan-based creative workshop, was chosen by CMC Marine, a leading designer and manufacturer of yacht stabilization systems, for a complete restyling of its Corporate Identity. CMC Marine’s aim was to stand out from the competition with a wide-ranging message expressed through emotional and highly evocative images.

The corporate image restyling project involved Artmouse in the creation of the new logo, which has pared-down contemporary lettering in the colours of the sea and features two fins representing the brand’s yacht stabilization systems.

The new advertising visual amplifies the intrinsic value of the product and was conceived to give the message immediacy, interpreting the subject as fins “inspired by nature”. The “Natural Balance” claim is accompanied by the image of a dolphin swimming in the water with natural stability.

The structure of the new corporate website is simple and constantly evolving, to offer customers a comprehensive experience, thanks to ongoing implementation of the services provided. The graphic design is clean and the homepage reprises the advertising visual, while the copy is written with SEO in mind. The platform is mobile-friendly and optimised for all tablets and smartphones, with content adapted for and resources that load even with low connectivity.

For CMC Marine brand extension Waveless, which offers a range of products for smaller boats, the website developed features a simple and functional architecture that provides an immediate overview of the products and services sold worldwide.

The new multi-subject ad campaign also focuses on the product and its pluses, each accompanied by its own body copy highlighting the hi-tech aspects of each subject. Each headline ends with a reference to the CMC Marine visuals, hinting again at how fish fins are perfect for riding the waves: the design of Waveless stabilizer fins is inspired by nature.

Both adv campaign have been supervised and planned by Michela Fernicola, CMC Marine’s Marketing and Communication Manager.


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