The 470 Class Italian team is ready for Tokyo


tokio olympics regattaIt is a great satisfaction for B&G to be alongside Giulio Calabrò and Giacomo Ferrari – our champions who will participate in the Tokyo Olympics in the 470 sailing class. Since 2018 they are B&G Ambassadors and work with B&G instruments on board the dinghy and the boat they use during the training, essential for preparing the regattas and understanding how to move and manage the balances on board during the race, when it is absolutely forbidden to use them.

The Italian regatta’s team

Friends since childhood, they both began their journey in the world of sailing in 2005 at the Lega Navale section of Lido di Ostia and since 2011 they have started sailing together in the 420 class. Since 2013 they have practiced the 470 Olympic class and now they race for the Sports Group of the Navy at a professional level.

After 4 years of excellent results – among others, two victories in the under 23 European championships, one in the under 23 world championship, unrivaled rulers in Italy and always in the absolute top ten in the world – they land with great emotion at what could be the last chance at these levels to compete together, the 470 Class with male crew.

Giulio Calabrò is excited at the thought of participating in the Olympics, aware of how much preparation is essential to compete with the 470 international big names:

While waiting for the race, we have been training consistently for some time and do 15/20 days a month of activity on a boat. In the last period, when the boats have already been sent to reach Japan, there will be a large part of athletic and mental preparation. The latter is extremely important because sailing is a sport made up of choices and therefore you have to be lucid to make the right choices “.

Ready for Olympics

The particular moment of health emergency will certainly have an impact on this Olympics, but the enthusiasm of Ferrari and Calabrò leads them to consider the advantages as well.

“The fact that it will be our first Olympics, in which there will be rules to be respected different from the others, can only be an advantage for us, with fewer distractions to dedicate ourselves exclusively to the race. – Comments Giacomo Ferrari, who continues – In our sport, however, we are in the middle of the sea, it is a moment where we definitely detach ourselves from reality, so the approach is a bit different from disciplines where there may be closer contacts“.

We expect a great performance, therefore, where the understanding of Giulio and Giacomo are not to be questioned and the athletic level is very high: “We are 100% aligned. In short, we can play our cards. We are very happy about what we’ve done so far, but we know that if we long for something more we must adjust the target and fix things that allow us to arrive in Tokyo well prepared ”.

The B&G instruments, therefore, will play a fundamental role in the last training phases they will do in their Ostia before departure, on their 470 boat and on the support dinghy. The extreme accuracy of the B&G instrumentation in the measurements and in the sensitivity in translating the slightest variations in wind, boat speed and sail adjustment into data, will be valid companions for perfecting all maneuvers during the regatta. Come on guys!