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Simrad Yachting partner of the Plastic Odyssey project

simrad plastic project

sea sustainable projectSimrad® is proud to announce its participation in the Plastic Odyssey project, an expedition that will see the electronics brand involved for the next three years, with 30 stopovers on three different continents. The project aims to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean, through educational and awareness campaigns and through the creation of a global network of local recycling initiatives.

Facing the problem of the plastic pollution

The world is facing a real plastics crisis and Plastic Odyssey is determined to encourage several initiatives at the local level in the development of both technical and human-related solutions, such as the use of unpatented low-tech machines, to enable communities to transform plastic waste.

For the mission, the Plastic Odyssey project team will embark on a 40-meter-long boat used as a science laboratory. A former research vessel has been transformed into a real small experimental recycling center, a pyrolysis unit to convert plastic into fuel and a mobile space to carry out experiments on land at each stop.

The planned route includes stops on three different continents in two years. The success of the mission will depend on the on-board equipment, innovative recycling technologies and, above all, the marine electronics that govern the vessel.

An adventurous journey

To achieve our goal, we must be able to navigate safely through the 30 stages of the journey,” said Simon Bernard, CEO and co-founder of Plastic Odyssey “A journey of over 30,000 miles across some of the world’s most dangerous and unpredictable oceans awaits us. The choice of the best partner to equip the boat with the necessary electronics was crucial, and it was natural to choose Simrad® products, which is considered the reference brand by professionals in the sector“.

We are delighted to be part of this exciting adventure that explores new approaches and new ideas, entirely in line with our philosophy – said James Methven, General Manager of the Simrad Yachting brand. – Simon and his team are a extraordinary group and we are excited to support their commitment”.

The deck of the boat has been completely renovated and now features a PLECDIS E5024 system, an IMO approved navigation system, an R5000 radar and a host of other state-of-the-art instruments such as autopilot, AIS, depth beeper and satellite compass.