Besenzoni’s LaScala Eletrica is born

electric ladder for yacht

electric system besenzoni yachtExceptional style, technological innovation and updated design have made the Besenzoni brand famous for over 50 years, now introducing a new product: the LaScala Elettrica. After the remarkable success of LaPasserella the Sarnico-based company is developing another great innovation that contributes to a more environmentally friendly future in navigation.

After the great success of LaPasserella we decided to update our most recognized products with this technology.” – states company CEO Giorgio Besenzoni. “LaScala Elettrica is the first, but others will follow. We believe this new technology, which focuses on providing an environmentally friendly product in all its aspects is the right way forward – from the product manufacturing process, to the technology and materials adopted.

Multifunctional electrical ladder

The model to which this innovation is applied is the SP 607 gangway ladder, which until now has been hydraulically operated and is now available with an electric control unit. This new multifunctional retractable ladder for sailboats, yachts and superyachts adapts to different technical and aesthetic requirements depending on the type of boat on which it is installed. It can be transformed into a walkway in just a few seconds by adjusting not only the extension and height but also the angle of the steps.

The total electrical power consumption characterizing this Besenzoni product provides numerous advantages. Just like LaPasserella, the Electric Ladder does not require a hydraulic power pack, making the system silent and the boat lighter. The result is a fundamentally unique quality: less impact on the marine environment, generated by an automatic fuel reduction and reduced energy consumption on board. The footboard is 100% ecological UV stabilized PVC synthetic material.

Available in 3 versions according to the number of steps, from 6 to 8, LaScala Elettrica allows for numerous customizations. Supplied with removable cord manual stanchions, although polished steel handrails can also be installed. The steps are in teak or carbon, with polished or painted steel double tubular elements, including polished or painted cover caps.

A special event of presentation

LaScala Elettrica will be presented for the first time ever at the Venice Boat Show from 29 May to 6 June 2021 at the Tesa San Cristoforo 92 stand in the Nappe Tese area, as well as at the stand in the Piazzale della Campanella area.

On the same occasion, Besenzoni will also be proudly sponsoring the boat Anvera E lab skippered by Luca Ferrari with the exceptional presence on board of the Italian astronaut Maurizio Cheli (the fastest electric-powered boat in the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge). They will race  at the E-Regata, a competion especially for electric boats from all over the world which will take place in Venice from 3 to 5 June.