Lalizas introduces the new Micro Led Series

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Holding a leading position of almost 40 years in the nautical industry, LALIZAS is pleased to introduce you the smallest but brightest navigation lights: the new MICRO LED Series by LALIZAS!

MICRO LED Series consists of Starboard & Port Lights as well as Pole Light for the stern, which stand as a major addition to the wide range of LALIZAS Navigation Lights.

Already awarded!

The series has already been recognised, with the Starboard & Port Lights to have been voted and listed by Boating Industry Magazine among its Top Products 2021. This is a great honour as the Boating Industry Top Products programme highlights 50 of the marine industry’s newest and most innovative products and services.

LALIZAS MICRO LED Series has a special design, featuring the smallest but brightest navigation lights to indicate the users’ position and keep them safe on the water. They are essential onboard equipment used to prevent collisions at night or in times of reduced visibility.

This series serves perfectly the core of the boating market, as these lights can be used on boats up to 12 m. They have been designed in such a way in order to offer great quality without compromising on the appearance of the boat.

Durable and sustainable

Their materials have been carefully selected in order to create a product with durability over time, able to withstand all sea weather conditions. Additionally, they are available in different colours as well as in different ways of installation and fastening.

MICRO LED 12 Starboard & Port Lights provide the smallest possible “footprint” that a navigation light can leave on a boat. They are made of white ASA housing and shatterproof PC lens and they are waterproof, non-corrosive, non-magnetic and CE certified. Available in white, black and chrome colour in terms of the housing, and can be fastened either with screws or silicone, based on the product code you will choose according to your needs and style.

MICRO LED Pole Light also features an innovative design. It is CE certified, made of anodised aluminium tubing with polycarbonate lens and a glass reinforced nylon base. Available in two different colours (black, grey), it comes with folding or plug in base, and in two different lengths.

LALIZAS MICRO LED Series stand out not only for the elegant design but also for the very easy installation.