This weekend Benetti Luminosity Giga Yacht in Monaco

benetti mega yacht

italian mega yachtThe largest hybrid yacht in existence, Benetti’s Luminosity has touched down in Monaco, where she will stay the weekend for the F1 Gran Prix until Tuesday.

The 107.6-meter and 5,844 GT giga yacht is well matched with the Gran Prix, both testaments to the achievement of cutting-edge propulsion and material technology.

Many F1 enthusiasts choose to be part to the Circus onboard of a yacht – but for this purpose, Luminosity is an exceptional choice. With a 3MWh battery pack onboard, all the main systems can run throughout the event (up to 12 hours) without the need to switch on the generators.

Peace, quiet and comfort are realized onboard Luminosity, with plenty of space to enjoy the fresh air as well. Should it be necessary to leave the event early, the giga yacht can even sneak away without disturbing her neighbors, navigating in full electric mode with a range of more than ten nautical miles. Added bonuses of this futuristic functionality include a much faster startup time and exclusive access to SECA environmentally protected areas, which are known for undisturbed natural beauty.