Yamaha Motor and Finval: exclusive partnership for the fishing world

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fishing boat Yamaha Motor Europe has signed a new 5-year partnership with the historic fishing boat builder Finval Boats, which will see the Ukrainian brand’s fleet equipped with Yamaha outboard motors until 2026. In addition to the 80hp, 70hp and 60hp models of the Mid Power segment, the packages will be distributed with the engines of the High Power family from 200hp to 90hp, up to the superior power of the 300hp V6 in the Premium range.

Presented with a European premiere in September 2020, Yamaha’s VMAX SHO line is the ideal choice for Finval customers.

Great motors for high performances boats

Available at 175hp, 150hp, 115hp and 90hp, the Yamaha VMAX SHO outboards are specifically designed to excel on lightweight, high-performance boats such as those in the Finval range.

Made for elite championship anglers who demand the ultimate in speed and reliability, they offer exceptional hole shot and gritty acceleration response at all revs, even when fully loaded with a large crew or fishing gear on board.

Finval customers will enjoy numerous benefits, thanks to Yamaha’s relentless drive towards technologies that improve the user experience.

The sophisticated Helm Master EX (HMEX) system, for example, will allow owners of 5.5m and over boats to enjoy maximum joystick control, as well as maintain position in a favorite fishing spot thanks to Yamaha’s new FishPoint function .

The Digital Electric Steering (DES) option provides more space in the stern thus ensuring maximum freedom of movement for anglers, which is essential during the fishing action.

Revs your Heart: Yamaha Motor designs, develops and builds products that arouse emotions

Founded in 1955, Yamaha Motor has been committed to the pursuit of “Kando” for more than 60 years, that feeling of deep satisfaction and excitement that comes when you meet the exceptional, the result of the perfect combination of pioneering innovation and engineering excellence.

Designed to enhance the individual customer experience, Yamaha outboard motors are lightweight and extremely robust, with styling that enhances boat design and legendary levels of reliability.

Proudly distributed in approximately 180 countries around the world, the entire range offers a wide choice of four-stroke outboards, from the revolutionary 425hp V8 XTO in the premium segment to the lightweight 2.5hp model in the portable range. And each of them offers a superior sailing experience.

Boats designed for the roughest waters

Founded by Igor Surdu in 2008 in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Finval builds strong and lightweight aluminum fishing boats with premium outfitting, with exceptional sailing performance in rough waters and a 10-year warranty on the hull.

Designed for customers who love exploration and water sports such as fishing, the design of these boats is enriched by the specific navigation experience of the territories in which the company was born.

Igor states: “In Ukraine, especially in the Dnieper River basin, there are large reservoirs full of fish. It is a popular place for fishermen, but it is also quite common to see waves of two meters high, so our main goal is to create boats that allow fishermen to feel safe and at ease, whatever the weather conditions“.

Finval’s current fleet includes ten boats from 15 to 22 feet in length, divided into four product lines: Rangy, Evo, Sport Angler and FishPro.

Each of them is intended for a specific type of fishing but they have a common denominator: they are all designed to earn the trust of customers, putting in the first place the performance in navigation, solidity and comfort. And it is precisely the yard’s philosophy that made this partnership a perfectly natural choice for Yamaha.

Fabrice Lacoume, Marine Director of Yamaha Motor Europe, explains:

Finval builds fast and sporty fishing boats that offer a superior level of luxury and comfort, without failing on the promise made to its customers of an extremely solid, strong and durable product. Yamaha Motor is committed to developing technological innovations to ensure its customers have the best possible boating experience.

Thanks to the partnership with Finval, their clients have become our clients and their philosophy has many points of contact with ours, making them almost overlapping – and it is something that makes us very comfortable“.