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Lowrance signs a new partnership with Cressi

fish finders

spearfishing toolsLowrance has just enthusiastically announced the new important agreement with Cressi, a brand that has been producing cutting-edge equipment dedicated to diving and water sports for over 60 years. Lowrance will sponsor the Ligurian company’s sport fishing ambassador team, which will use its electronic equipment to improve performance during training and competitions.

Common values

The partnership stems from a heritage of values common to the two brands, which have always been oriented towards the design of products tailored to the needs of users, as well as from a sincere passion for fishing and water, an element in which Lowrance electronics and Cressi equipment express their maximum efficiency.

For over 60 years, Lowrance has used cutting-edge technologies to offer navigation tools to professional fishermen and enthusiasts of all specialties. In particular, diving has become increasingly important in the world of fishing, consolidating its role among other fishing techniques.

Diving specialists

Also for this reason Lowrance is the ideal partner of Cressi, which since 1946 has been manufacturing products dedicated to the spearfishing sector according to the highest international standards in terms of safety, performance and reliability.

Cressi’s innovative heritage was born in 1939 thanks to two brothers who shared a passion for the sea. In 1946 their design and their products became so well known that they founded today’s Cressi in Genoa. The company, still owned by the family, is highly specialized in the production of sporting goods and its purpose for innovation is part of its DNA.

Through this collaboration, the Cressi team of athletes will have the opportunity to interface with the Lowrance world to experience technological innovation and increase underwater performance.

A great agreement for the fishing world

Roberto Sesenna, Country Manager Navico Italy comments as follows:

We are very satisfied with this new agreement with such an important manufacturer in the water sports sector that makes innovation and attention to the customer its strengths. For Lowrance, spearfishing, which is gaining more and more followers in all age groups, is a very interesting sector and to which we particularly care. Precisely for this reason, our commitment is increasingly aimed at developing electronic tools that can help and accompany enthusiasts and professionals during diving in an effective and reliable way “.

Antonino Piras, Cressi Team Manager adds:

Being able to collaborate with the world’s leading company in the field of electronic instruments relating to sonar and fish finders fills us with pride. The Lowrance range satisfies all of our enthusiasts: divers and spearfishermen increasingly need sophisticated tools to discover marine beauties. Our partner is certainly of help to all those, agonists and not, who are looking for new beautiful diving places to discover. Electronic instrumentation is also a question of safety and Cressi, which makes the reliability of its products a prerequisite, fully embraces this partnership which provides one more reason to identify underwater beauties.”