Bosch Professional for the production of Osma nautical accessories and catamarans

boat racing tools

 catamarans and nautical componentsIn Carugo, a few steps from Lake Como, Osma srl operates, a company specialized in the processing of composite materials including carbon fiber, glass fiber and aramid fiber (Kevlar), for the design and the production of catamarans and nautical components, such as hardtops, doors, reinforcements, panels, covers, ladders and various accessories.

Inshore boat hulls

All the delicate processing phases of composite materials are carried out with specific machinery and tools: the constant monitoring of the high standards of quality, weight and resistance of each piece produced allows Osma to supply professional and reliable products, such as inshore hulls, beautiful on the outside and ultra-performing in the race, which the company produces as the official supplier of the Abu Dhabi Powerboat Team – 11 times world champion since 2015.

The inshore hulls produced by Osma are a concentrate of technology, performance and resistance, and just like in the races in which they take part, in their production the company aims for excellence and obtaining maximum results. This is why Osma has chosen to rely on the range of Bosch Professional power tools and accessories for the processing of some of the components intended for racing boats.

Rely on precise tools

In the Osma workshop, the team of mechanics needs to rely on reliable and precise tools, as well as light and easy to handle.

For example, the GSA 18V-LI C axial saw, the GWX 18V-10 SC angle grinder and the GEX 18V-125 random orbital sander are used to trim and sand the hardtop backing.

The axial hacksaw, combined with the blades with CARBIDE technology, allows the excess edges of the molded product to be removed with rapid and precise movements, and then finished with the angle grinder, which thanks to its special patented X-LOCK attachment allows accessories to be replaced extremely quick and fast, and a secure fixing. Finally, the roto-orbital allows to smooth the entire surface in composite material, thus facilitating the final assembly.

With the right tool combined with specific accessories we can tackle any type of material,” comment the Osma mechanics. “In addition, being able to count on battery-powered power tools allows us to intervene at any point in the workshop, and at any time during processing, with maximum efficiency and precision“.

Maximum performances in all processing phases

Features that are also fundamental in the repair phases: with the help of the GST 18V-LI S jigsaw and the GOP 18V-28 multifunction tool, it is very easy to carve shapes and inserts in a composite material panel, while the drill- GSR 18V-55 screwdriver, combined with EXPERT Tough Material hole saws with Carbide Technology, allows you to make the holes that will house the lamps without any difficulty.

Finally, to ensure maximum performance in all processing phases, all 18V power tools are used by mounting the high-performance ProCORE18V batteries, which thanks to the most innovative cell technology and superior quality heat management ensure excellent performance with compact dimensions. ProCORE18V batteries are part of the Professional 18V System, which guarantees compatibility with new and previous generation power tools and battery chargers, in the same voltage category.