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Essenze, the new fragrance diffuser from Besenzoni

essenze yacht besenzoni

yacht besenzoni fragrancesThe innovation, technology, style and design which have made the Besenzoni brand so popular around the nautical world have been applied to create a new accessory for diffusing perfume: Essenze, the fragrance diffuser designed for yachts, yet also perfect for the home or office.

Essenze is a beautiful, practical accessory which complements any room, adding that special touch of sophistication.

ESSENZE comes in either a countertop or a recessed version and is available in various finishes, different scents as well as a sanitizing collection. What distinguishes this product from the existing perfumers on the market is its innovative recessed design which makes it perfectly suitable for boats.

Sub diffuser and tower diffuser

Essenze is available in two versions.

besenzoni yacht design Sub Diffuser recessed without wires in sight for a more discreet presence ideal for yachts, designed to adapt to the movements of the boats in the water during navigation. The Sub Diffuser integrates seamlessly into furniture avoiding it accidentally falling from the surface.

It is also perfect for all those environments where it is necessary to optimize space for example by recessing it into the floor.

Countertop Tower Diffuser: intended to complement the interior design and the materials used, it is perfect as a piece of furniture, even in the most refined and exclusive environments, thanks to the elegance of its design

Essenze is available in various finishes. Produced from marine grade materials it can be upholstered in black, brown and tobacco leather or powder coated in black, bronze, red and titanium finishes to adapt to any style, from modern to the most classic of the yachts.

The base and top plates are mirror polished marine grade stainless steel.

The fragrances

A combination of essential oils has been used to create three collections of carefully selected, sophisticated fragrances, each comprising four different scents, perfect at any time of the day.

The Wooden collection, which includes the “Tremiti”, “Vulcano”, “Scilla” and “Monterosso” Essenze fragrances with warm, intoxicating scents. An intense, spicy blend that evokes the East: cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, hints of vanilla, amber, bergamot and jasmine, cinnamon, white musk and cloves.

The Marine collection, which includes the “Capri”, “Amalfi”, “Tropea” and “Panarea” Essenze fragrances is ideal for those who love fresh, invigorating aromas. Citrus notes of lime, bergamot, tangerine and orange as well as hints of lavender, melon, cyclamen and marine notes will delight your senses.

The Floral collection includes the “Sorrento”, “Giglio”, “Camogli” and “Ischia” essences with fruity notes of fig, coconut, peach, apple and ginger blended with the fragrances of citrus fruit, bergamot, lavender, neroli, lilac, iris and gardenia.

A special collection

In addition to these classic fragrances Besenzoni has a collection of anti-bacterial products called Sanitizing (tested to UNI EN 1650-2019 and UNI EN 1276-2019 standards) with antibacterial and antiviral properties to help make medium-sized rooms completely safe.

The Sanitizing collection is available with these perfumes: Sanilavander (with notes of eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, mint, cedarwood and pine), Sanibalsamic (with eucalyptus, mint, orange blossom, thyme, pink peppercorn and cardamom) and Sanifresh (with eucalyptus, pine, cedarwood, mint, rosemary, sage and laurel).

A refill version is available for each collection. Changing the Essenze fragrances in the diffusers is extremely easy and enables you to alternate the different perfumes depending on your destination or the theme of your evening.

Fragrances, design and… technology

essenze besenzoni yachtThe innovation applied to each product designed by Besenzoni is also used in their Essenze fragrance diffusers. The diffuser can be programmed and controlled through the Essenze Besenzoni smartphone App via Bluetooth, which is available on iOs and Android devices. Just a few simple steps will enable you to link the application to the diffuser and select the intensity of the aroma as well as giving you the option to set the times for switching it on and off.

There is also a switch so that you can turn the diffuser on and off manually. Once switched on, the device will run the programme you have selected with the App.