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Vittoria Yachts, launched LC Super Fast

victoria yacht open sea

exploring globe with victoria yachtThe LC SUPERFAST made its first entry into the waters of Canal Bianco for the technical launch, from about 24 meters. This is the first construction of Vittoria Yachts, the new division of the Vittoria Shipyard in Adria, and is the result of an ideational and design process that has intended to combine the solidity, reliability and design typical of landing craft, conceived and designed for military operations, the high speed performance and the refinement and attention to detail that distinguish luxury yachts.

For nautical and exploratory activities

The first pleasure yacht commissioned to Vittoria Yachts was born from the owner’s desire to own a boat capable of accommodating all the experience of the Vittoria Shipyard in the military sector and allowing them to practice nautical and exploratory activities, on land, in the Pacific Islands.

This yacht is in fact designed for a navigation of the globe, thanks to the technical features that make the yacht versatile, dynamic and extremely safe, like military vehicles.

The technical solutions adopted make the operation of the SUPERFAST LC compatible with the presence of shallow water, in full respect of the environment, and guarantee the possibility of landing on a non-equipped beach or on a ramp, arranging an adequate release procedure.

You can easily approach land and launch smaller units (small boats, inflatable boats, to name a few) and to embark loads up to 10 tons on the forward deck or bow hatch, sized to carry out the landing and boarding maneuvers of all compatible vehicles.

A tailor-made yacht

The new yacht was designed and built according to the owner’s requests. In particular, the project was developed so that she was able to transport vehicles on a large portion of cargo in the bow, have double cabins with private bathroom, internal kitchen and galley.

On the LC SUPERFAST an area dedicated to fishing activities and scuba diving has been set up in the stern area, an exclusive bow hatch has been installed for the embarkation and disembarkation of vehicles with two cranes for handling objects on board. Finally, a hull with a reduced draft was designed that allows considerable versatility of use, even in the open sea and in the most adverse weather conditions.

The on-board systems and interior fittings will be completed before sea trials and final delivery scheduled for autumn..

Statements of the shipyard

“The boat we have launched – says Michele Zorzenon, CEO of Vittoria Yacht – is the result of a process of constant constructive evolution, always aimed at reaching new and surprising goals.

The LC SUPERFAST is a bridge, not just an ideal one, between the construction tradition of the Vittoria Shipyard and the future of Vittoria Yachts. The yacht was designed and built to combine the technical solutions and layout that characterize our landing craft, conceived for agile military operations and for every type of coast, and the refinement that distinguishes the best yachts in the world. A construction that reflects many design souls and philosophies, a unique product of its kind”.

“It is the first Vittoria Yachts unit to be launched – comments Paolo Duò, president of the Vittoria Shipyard – and we can only express our satisfaction for the work done by the workers and technicians.

This yacht is the result of months of careful design and construction that has seen us all involved and I believe that today we have had the opportunity to demonstrate once more the construction capacity, attention to detail and the drive for innovation that have always characterized the history of Casa Vittoria and which will also characterize our new division”.


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