Cmc Marine at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021

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fin boatAt the unmissable Cannes Yachting Festival, held this year from September 7 to 12, CMC Marine will showcase Argo, the system designed to control the interaction between stabilizing fins and rudders.

By ensuring greater course stability and more precise turn control, Argo optimises course keeping and provides a definitive solution to the problem of continuous micro-corrections, which also translates into considerable fuel savings.

CMC Marine products at the Festival

Currently installed on a number of yachts equipped with various stabilization systems produced both by CMC Marine and other brands, Argo will also be featured on two of the stars of the Show: M/Y “Aurelia” by Cantiere delle Marche (also fitted with a Directa 140 system, four Stabilis Electra – Long Range stabilizer fins, and Dualis thrusters by CMC Marine), and Grande Trideck by Azimut Yachts (also with Stabilis Electra – High Speed stabilizer fins and Dualis thrusters from the Tuscan company).

As part of the collaboration with Azimut Yachts, the Avigliana-based shipyard will also devote a space at its stand to Argo.

At CMC Marine’s stand, visitors will also be able to admire a STAB 25 electric stabilizer fin in operation, one of the models in the Waveless line of ultra-compact electric stabilization systems for yachts 12 metres in length and over, designed with the same advanced technology found in Stabilis Electra stabilizers for larger yachts.

Also on show will be the Stabilis Electra – High Speed HS160 stabilization system, designed for planing boats with top speeds over 24 knots, and BTM 85, the electric thruster in the huge Dualis Electra range, featuring a high thrust to power ratio and an extremely compact footprint.

The stand will also reserve a space for the recent partnership with Eliche Radice, in which the two companies promote a variety of their partner brand’s products.

CMC Marine will be at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 from September 7 to 12, stand Palais 068.


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