Lusben concludes the refit of superyacht “Far Far Away”

yacht refitting italian shipyard

Yacht refit LusbenThe “Far Far Away” yacht, built by Brazilian shipyard Inace Yachts in 2012, was entrusted to Lusben in November 2019 with a request for some structural interventions, such as the innovative hull lengthening project.

The result is an increase from the original size of 36.7 meters to a total of 46.9 meters, following from a clever set of procedures: the insertion of an 8m module amidships; the lengthening of the stern platform by 1.5m; and the elongation of the forward bulb by about 1.50m.

Other interventions on the yacht

The insertion of the module, an operation carried out by Lusben’s carpentry team, involved the complete reconstruction of all the onboard systems for sanitary water, diesel lines, electric and safety, plus the supply and installation of a new watertight door, integrated with the existing management system.

Among the most important interventions completed a few days ago, there were the addition of cold rooms of 9 square meters, a case of fresh water of 5,000 liters and 2 cases of diesel of 15,000 liters each – for a capacity total diesel fuel of 90,000 liters, compared to the initial 52,000 liters.

yacht structural changesThen, the inclusion of a 9 square meter laundry room, the replacement of the gyrocompasses with a satellite and a mechanical one, the addition of a thermal imaging camera for night vision, the strengthening of watertight bulkheads and the addition of a watertight door, the installation of two new 99Kw CAT generators, the installation of a 60Kw Stern Thrusters (2) system, upgrading of the 90Kw Bow Thruster, the installation of a new air conditioning system with 4 compressors and finally a new technical monitoring system for loading and transferring diesel fuel.

In addition, “FFA” underwent a total repainting of the hull and superstructure, the installation of all the electronic navigation equipment, the refurbishment of 4 guest bathrooms and the transformation of the original laundry room into a storage room.

Longer cruise and bigger spaces

Thanks to these and many other modifications, which required 14 months of work, the autonomy of M/Y “FFA” has almost doubled – reaching 8,000 nautical miles – so much so that the superyacht is now able to cruise for at least three months without ever stopping in port.

A consequence of these interventions was the achievement of the double certification for the yacht, which can be held for both private and commercial use.

The extension of the hull obviously also entailed a decisive increase in volume, which mainly affected the sleeping area, with an expansion of the cabins and a passage from the original 10 guests in five cabins and 8 crew members to the current 12 guests (under Commercial certification) and 15 guests (under Private certification) in seven cabins and 8/9 crew members.

The Captain of the yacht, Meo Palmieri, is satisfied with with this collaboration, a confirmed success since passing the stability tests:

I believe that such a substantial and extensive hull lengthening work has never been carried out and the facility in Varazze proved to be the ideal location for these technically complex and sometimes delicate operations. This transformation also involved a series of changes to the initial work plan, and Lusben responded with promptness, competence and professionalism”.