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New WaveRunner® 2022 line-up: tradition with innovation


sport waverunnerThe WaveRunner 2022 range features all the hallmarks that make Yamaha products appreciated and sought after.

The different product families of the WaveRunner range are designed to facilitate their choice. Leisure, where driving is a matter of fun, emotion and pleasure; Cruising, which allows the rider to go further, with superior comfort and the most innovative technology; Sport, for the rider looking for exceptional performance.

Whether for pleasure boating or sporting, each of the Yamaha segments is designed to inspire every rider whatever their passion, allowing them to choose the WaveRunner that best suits him / her.

From the all-round versatility of the best-selling VX range, to the luxury features and innovative features of the FX range, to the racing performance of the GP1800R range, the company goes straight to the heart of those who choose it.

In recent years, both the highly decorated GP in 2018 and the SuperJet® in 2021 have been revisited, with the aim of reaching a wider market. 2022 will finally see the entry on the scene of the JetBlaster®, a completely new WaveRunner, which recalls the iconic WaveBlaster but characterized by a series of innovations aimed at a new generation of sports pilots.

Top of the range technology

The JetBlaster® is powered by the award-winning 4-stroke TR-1®-HO engine, which delivers power on the water and offers fun for even the most adventurous thrill seekers.

This model enhances the incredible engine experience with the addition of a NanoXcel2 hull, typically used only on higher-end racing vehicles. This means that the JetBlaster® has a truly consistent power-to-weight ratio, which promises incredible driving thrills and a dynamic experience.

The JetBlaster® is not just a high quality engine with the latest generation hull materials. It has been specially designed to support pilots of all experience levels.

A new electronic trim system allows for easy bow height adjustment, reducing splash and drag when lifting and producing greater cornering grip when lowering. The RiDE® control system with electronic reverse gear allows for easier driving, while the new footpegs allow even novice pilots to easily adjust their position.

Superiority of series

yamaha sport moto d'acquaOn JetBlaster® you can enjoy an extraordinary sailing experience both alone and in company: it can comfortably carry up to 3 people. And space isn’t the only thing that’s available in generous quantities. A large fuel tank allows for longer cruising, and with standard stowage everything can be stowed away neatly and organized.

Then there are luxury details such as the padded step and the custom-cut deck mats, as well as the adjustable curved handlebar with round knobs for hyper-connected driving.

FX: the flagship model at the forefront of innovation

WaveRunner’s FX family features sophisticated and advanced features.

Offering unparalleled stability even with three passengers on board and a hull designed for all sailing adventures, it is the perfect choice for pilots who demand the highest quality standards and uncompromising comfort.

All FX models allow pilots to discover the two different personalities of their craft: pure power and speed for an adrenaline boost, or a more refined and fluid travel experience. Small details are added for comfortable use: a point for external rinsing, the practical load compartment open to water and a stowage locker supported by gas pistons in the bow.

A better connection to increase comfort and convenience

The functions of the Connext® FX Series display have been greatly enhanced, with a new and larger 7 “color touchscreen on SVHO® models and an integrated touchscreen controlled audio system on select Cruiser models.

Even models equipped with an audio system now have a connection with the smartphone for hands-free calls, to be able to talk or listen to music and with the device safe and sheltered.

The Connext® system features GPS-ready mapping with geo-fencing (virtual perimeter). GPS maps are sold separately and are available from Yamaha WaveRunner dealers.

Reinvent your driving style

WaveRunner 2022 range Finally, the FX range is now equipped with improved pilot control functions, including a multi-mode auto trim system and incremental maximum speed limits, managed from the touchscreen.

A new guide plate and the repositioning of the lateral stabilizers offer greater comfort for both pilots and passengers, reducing splashes in the bow.

Ergonomics have also improved, with a more sophisticated button panel on the handlebar and links located just below the handlebar itself.


Available in new colors and new graphics, the SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) engine delivers smooth, flexible power and features highly efficient intake and cooling systems, as well as durable internal components.

The large Hyper-Flow jet pump helps transform power into electrifying acceleration, while Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) ensures smooth and efficient power delivery.

The Cruiser model is equipped with extremely comfortable seats, retractable cleats for easy mooring, a state-of-the-art safety system, 30% more space and a color touchscreen.

VX Series: Unrivaled versatility

The best-selling VX range has been completely reinvented with the introduction last year of new models incorporating a completely new style hull and deck, increasing overall quality.

This year the new colors and new graphic solutions will attract everyone’s attention both in the water and on the pier. The bold, fresh style and clean design make this hit product even more eye-catching.

GP: perfecting power and precision

The supercharged Yamaha GP1800R SVHO and naturally aspirated GP1800R HO feature the industry’s first automatic trim system with Cornering Control and Launch Control.

Cornering Control automatically adjusts the trim for more grip when decelerating for tighter turns. After cornering, the GP1800R automatically selects the optimum trim setting to keep the unit level.

Launch Control automatically shifts the trim down to prevent bow lift when accelerating quickly. These features allow for new levels of handling and performance driving, for both agonists and recreational pilots.

SuperJet®: high-speed action

The SuperJet® is an adrenaline-fueled vehicle for a new era, born from the racing DNA. It is able to offer an excellent combination of speed and acceleration, with unparalleled handling.

No longer limited to pros only, the powerful 4-stroke 3-cylinder engine and sleek lightweight hull will make you dominate the waves on both high-speed straights and aggressive cornering.

Extraordinary agility

The award-winning TR-1 4-stroke three-cylinder marine engine is a compact and lightweight 1,049cc unit that delivers outstanding performance with smoother fluidity than ever. Extreme agility and control are the hallmarks of the SuperJet®, which offers an intoxicating ability to plow through the waves when cornering.

Not quite ready to go out to sea yet? The L-MODE® feature reduces engine performance to around 35 knots – a useful and reliable feature for novice pilots.

Based on a wider and more stable hull, it is perfect for amateur use. Although the steering column and spring-loaded handlebar naturally induce the rider into a forward lean position, the position is perfect for super-fast driving and turning.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy