Simrad Command on Azimut Grande Trideck

simrad yacht control system

Simrad Command system The electronics on board the 38-meter Grande Trideck – the revolutionary and largest model of Azimut Yachts with an extra deck, in addition to the traditional three – brings all the know-how of Simrad Command: a flexible platform that gives a unique experience within Simrad multifunction displays.

The boat’s control and monitoring system was created with the collaboration of Sea Energy, historical partner of Azimut and Simrad.

By combining the experience of these three companies, we’ve created an integrated control system that realizes truly unique functions. It’s not just about what’s related to “home automation” in the strict sense, but we’ve taken it to a higher level by implementing an “automotive” approach inside the boat” highlights Simrad.

Style and functionality

The system proposed by Simrad Command obviously does not neglect the concept design oriented, creating continuity of style and uniformity of use for the entire Grande line of Azimut. In fact, it uses the same lines and concepts already seen in the AZS10.

The Sea Energy system for the equipment and the connection with all the third parties on board (including the navigation, inherent in the system itself) are upgraded to the highest levels to create new features that were only present on larger boats to date.

The Simrad Command integration solution is therefore fully customizable. From the color and design of the interface to the number of users connected to the system, according to the needs of the captains and owners. All this is also aimed at guaranteeing the owner an experience of his rudder that is truly linked to the shipyard: the immediate sensation of being on an Azimut.