LALIZAS Group: several purchase proposals for Solemar

lalizas maritime company

lalizas maritime companyBack on October 2019, the LALIZAS Group of companies proceeded with the acquisition of ARIMAR. As part of this agreement, the Group also acquired Solemar.

Solemar was a pioneer in recreational boating, manufacturing large inflatable boats with cabins, providing cutting-edge solutions with extra comfort as well as reliability on board.

Since then, there have been no further actions for Solemar’s development.

LALIZAS has already been receiving purchase proposals for Solemar brand, which does not fully reflect the company’s core business, and thus the company is considering selling the historic Italian rib manufacturing brand.

“We hold 40 years of experience in manufacturing maritime & lifesaving equipment. Our vision is to produce high-quality products that ensure safety at sea; for this reason, we would like to hand over Solemar to a boatbuilding company that will lead the brand to further growth”, was commented by the Management.