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The electric boat of the future is Frauscher

electric boat

Frauscher sustainable boatIn its debut year, the Frauscher shipyard’s TimeSquare 20 electric catamaran reaches its peak and wins the Future Award 2021.

The “Best for Future” award, whose award ceremony took place on 11 November during the fair “Boot & Fun” in Berlin, recognizes its pioneering technologies combined with environmental awareness and the responsible use of resources. The peculiarity of this award lies in the consideration of evaluation criteria linked to standards specifically relevant to yachtsmen. In other words, the rewards categories are based on use cases.

The best conditions to win

The special evaluation criteria were also the reason that TimeSquare 20 had the best chance of winning a prize in the contest.

Managing Director Michael Frauscher explains: “Our team has designed and built an electric catamaran according to the customer’s wishes and usage habits. The boat therefore has propulsion technology that makes it extremely efficient, maneuverable and quiet. ”

From the user’s point of view, the large accessible area on deck is particularly convenient and here time can be spent and enjoyed in various ways. This “square” gave its name to the Frauscher innovation, where the number 20 stands for usable space. TimeSquare 20 owners have 20 square meters of space at their disposal.

Statements about the reward

Jury member Kerstin Zillmer in announcing the winner, says: “With the TimeSquare 20, the Frauscher shipyard has rethought calm water boating. With its catamaran-like hull, light displacement, pure electric power and speed more than acceptable, TimeSquare 20 represents a new concept of boating: the enjoyment of nature, tranquility, the idea of sharing and respect for the environment. The entrepreneurial spirit and its serial implementation are worthy of the Best for Future Award 2021 “.

Mauro Feltrinelli, from Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli, comments as follows:

It’s not the first time that Frauscher has taken us to the top of the various categories, on the market as well as in prizes and awards, especially among professionals. This victory is particularly important because it recognizes the momentum towards the future of a company with firm roots in a long past.

No improvisation, but not even any stagnation on the known path. The successes and experiences of decades in the nautical sector, in particular in the sustainable one, of the Frauscher shipyard, allow the company to dare innovative and futuristic projects, in other words, courageous. Frauscher breaks new ground. Always.

About the prize

The Best of Boats Award was launched in 2014 by journalists and editors from different countries who combine their vast experience as a boat tester and their attention to the practical needs of boat owners.