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The Italian Sea Group’ sustainability strategy

nautical ecological solution

nautical ecological solutionThe Italian Sea Group, global operator in the luxury yachting sector and the leading producer in Italy of yachts over 50 meters, confirms its commitment to reduce the impact of its activities in respect of the environment as part of its TISG 4.1 investment plan, proceeding with the company’s ecological transition through the energy efficiency project for its facilities.

Photovoltaic solution

The plan includes the installation of a photovoltaic plant on 4 sheds within the site, for which a contract has been concluded with EDP Energia Italia, a subsidiary of the global EDP Group, the world’s fourth largest wind producer, with retail presence in Italy since 2019.

With a duration of 7 years, this agreement provides for the installation, management, maintenance and monitoring of the photovoltaic solution.

The plant will allow the direct production of electricity, significantly reducing energy costs, and will be built in 2 tranches during 2022, one during the first semester, and the second by the end of the year.

The installation will cover an area of 22,000 square meters on which 5,375 panels will be installed for a total production capacity of 2,571 MWh/year, equivalent to 25% of the total energy consumption of the site.

The energy produced will be used to power the production cycle of the ships, the heating and air conditioning systems of the offices, the lighting system and other needs of the yard. The project also includes the installation of 22kW electric columns that will power the recharging of 6 parking spaces.

The use of solar panels will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 1,208 tons per year, equal to the carbon dioxide “captured” by about 7,500 trees, and will also provide The Italian Sea Group with significant savings in economic terms.

A full ecological transition

We are proud to contribute actively to the reduction of the environmental impact of our
company. The new TISG 4.1 investment plan is far-reaching and includes the ecological
2 transition of our facilities, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions to zero as soon as possible” commented Giovanni Costantino, Founder & CEO of The Italian Sea

The photovoltaic plant is a further element in our strategic plan, which already includes a strong commitment to the construction of clean energy yachts, the use of raw materials, such as fiberglass and paint, with low environmental impact, introducing the sustainability factor at every stage of the value chain”.

The Board Member of EDP Energia Italia, Miguel Fonseca, underlined that “EDP is committed to support The Italian Sea Group in its energy transition journey, which will not only have a positive environmental impact, but also generate efficiency gains and savings. This partnership further contributes to the development of integrated distributed generation solutions for Italian companies.”

The agreement has been signed with the advice of Mr. Pietro Smeriglio, Lawyer, Owner of Studio Legale Smeriglio, and Claudio Enriquez, Founder & CEO of Reiwa Italia.