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Yamaha Motor Europe signs a 5 year agreement with Quarken Boats

Yamaha Motor Europe & Quarken Boats Yamaha Motor Europe Quarken Boats

yamaha partnership Quarken In 2021, Yamaha Motor launched two new great outboards: the 300hp and 250hp V6 engines with integrated steer by wire technology.

These V6 engines are the driving force that will power all Quarken boats for the next 5 years, thanks to the recent collaboration between the two companies.

The model range of Quarken’s boats starts from 27 feet but will soon reach 33 feet and 40 feet: the shipyard is working at full capacity and at the beginning of 2022 the new line-up of boats and the new company logo will be launched.

Focus on customers

Quarken boats are completely modular and allow for maximum customization. The customer chooses the hull, the configuration of the deck accessories, the seats, the dining area and the equipment for water sports and fishing.

The customization options are not limited to the accessories in the deck. Each hull is also equipped with a choice of engines. From a single 300hp V6 to dual 300hp V6 engines on the most compact boats in the range, up to the triple 300hp V6 or a pair of 450hp XTO V8s on the larger ones.

Antero Sundberg, co-founder and CEO, explained why Yamaha was chosen to power their boats: “Our company and Yamaha have a similar spirit, as we both keep our promises by focusing as much as possible on the customers. We know that Yamaha offers the best possible network of dealerships and service wherever you are and this is critical to our customers, thanks to the adventurous and long-range nature of the boats.

A superior driving experience

yamaha motors new partnershipThe collaboration between Yamaha and Quarken guarantees a superior driving experience: the weight distribution of the boat perfectly matches the range of premium outboards, ensuring the most comfortable and stable ride possible.

The dashboard are designed to perfectly integrate drive-by-wire acceleration systems and multifunction instruments in an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing way.

Quarken technicians have studied the wide range of Yamaha systems, including HelmMaster EX and steer-by-wire, to optimize the maneuvering actions and the use of the most innovative technologies that the Japanese company offers.

Comprehensive testing and the sharing of expertise between boat builders and Yamaha, for example in propeller testing, ensure optimum performance. Factors such as speed, minimum fuel consumption, vibration reduction and driving comfort are refined during the test phase to offer the maximum experience on the water.

A promising partnership

Quarken and Yamaha Motors join in their mission to give their customers adrenaline-pumping experiences on the water. This collaboration is an alignment of shared values, a complete dedication to creating something exclusive and destined to last over time.

Mr. Osmo Roukala, co-founder and proponent of the project, observes: “Yamaha products have long proven to be the most reliable. This is something customers in all our markets have no doubts about. We also believe that Yamaha’s support and collaboration are second to none.