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Fastmount launches new clip in Low Profile Range

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Fastmount clip Low Profile RangeNew Zealand based Fastmount, specialist in hidden panel mounting systems, has launched a new male clip in its Low Profile Range, the LP-SM8H.

Specifically designed for use with 9-16mm thick plywood and MDF panels, or aluminium honeycomb panels, the new LP-SM8H has a pull-out load of 10kg, which rounds out the Low Profile Range to accommodate an even wider range of interior panel applications.

With simple offsite panel fabrication and ease of installation at the forefront of its design, the LP-SM8H has three holes in the base for a simple screw fixing with no special tools, and a short head to reduce the likelihood of clip damage in transit.

The clip is ideal for interior panel applications where there is a requirement for no visible fixings, and minimal gap between panel and substrate.

The LP-SM8H is the first product to be launched under the new Nautical Group Holdings (NGH) ownership. “Fastmount has always kept its ear close to the ground when it comes for demand for new product, and we want to continue to do so – 2022 will be a big year for product development for the company and the LP-SM8H is just the beginning,” comments Marc Michel, CEO of NGH.

The LP-SM8H will be available for purchase this month from Authorised Fastmount Distributors worldwide, and further information can be found at