Apreamare at the Regata of Tre Golfi – Rolex Cup

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Apreamare at the Regata of Tre Golfi – Rolex Cup, one of the most popular offshore races of the competitive calendar. The course tours the picturesque Gulfs of Sorrento, Naples and Gaeta.

To welcome the guests during this special event, it could be only Apreamare. For 170 years, the brand has populated the coastal waters, bringing the charm of tradition and Mediterranean style to the world.

To mark the occasion, the shipyard made two units of the iconic Gozzo 35 available as courtesy boats. Rolex guests, journalists and authorities followed the action up-close from on board through all the stages of the regatta.

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Sorrento and its wonderful coast will be the backdrop of this historic competition, which has brought together the hearts of sailing and nautical enthusiasts from all over the world for 67 years.

Apreamare, a coast’s tradition

This same beautiful scenery saw the birth of Apreamare. In fact, exactly in Sorrento, 173 years ago, the ax master Giovanni Aprea began his business making boats for fishing, rowing and sailing, according to the culture and nautical history of Sorrento.

Even today, the spirit of the shipyard has remained unchanged as the new Gozzo line attests. This sophisticated, technologically advanced boat reinterprets the unmistakable style of the coast’s traditional boats in a modern key, with attentive craftsmanship and quality materials.

We are very happy to be part of such an important and recognized event that gives prestige to boating and to the Sorrento peninsula, a territory whose history and culture are found deep in the essence of our brand”, commented Giovanni Aprea, Sales Manager of the Shipyard. He added, “our gozzos are boats much appreciated by sailors. Many of our customers are great sailing enthusiasts, so, we could not find ourselves in a better position.”


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