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The Yamaha switch-on program arrives at the Venice Boat Show

yamaha salone nautico venezia

Yamaha Motor chooses the Venice Boat Show to exhibit electrified products, first of all Harmo, the outboard engine and then NEO’s, the Italian premiere scooter.

But also E01, the scooter concept, “equivalent to an endothermic 125cc”, a golf car and an e-bike engine.

Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the ideal location to exhibit these vehicles that mark the path towards new forms of mobility. A city where significant interventions are being implemented, to the point of making it a reference in terms of sustainability and a laboratory where to experiment with innovative solutions.

The Switch On project

salone nautico venezia yamaha
Andrea Colombi, Yamaha’s Country Manager – Press conference Switch On

SWITCH ON is the conceptual and production philosophy launched by Yamaha Europe in March, which sees Italy engaged with targeted actions and interventions.

In Venice it is possible to embark on a real journey to discover the solutions proposed by the Japanese manufacturer with low environmental impact and which are combined with internal combustion units that are the result of innovative technologies capable of reducing CO2 emissions.

We are pioneers in experimenting with innovation at the service of individual mobility and passion. From water to asphalt, to land, electric vehicles are evidence of the concrete commitment to reducing emissions, an area in which we have been working for over thirty years. Without ever compromising and giving up quality, fun, ease and reliability ”, declared Andrea Colombi, country manager.

Yamaha makes technology its competitive advantage. Compared to 15 years ago, a 125cc Euro 5 model with the latest generation Blu core engine produces about -30% fewer grams of CO2.

Product at the Salone Nautico Venezia

On display in Venice there is a concrete example also in the Marine of Yamaha technology applied to green solutions. It is Respiro, the elegant boat from the Venetian shipyard Venmar that has chosen Harmo, the new Yamaha electric motor as the ideal engine for the waters of the lagoon.

This model combines the craftsmanship of a boat in carbon fiber, linen and mahogany and with an electric outboard motor that uses incredibly silent end-to-end intelligent technology, to enjoy navigation in total respect of the environment.

scooter zero emissionThe Venice Boat Show hosted the Italian première of Neo’s, the easy-to-use, intelligent, affordable zero-emission scooter that stands out for its reliability and typical Yamaha technical characteristics.

At the basis of Yamaha’s strategy to comply with the standards set in relation to the Green Plan 2050 and the assets envisaged by the ESG (Environmental, Society, Governance) criteria, there is also the identification of partners who share the same system of values ​​and same vision, as Santander Consumer Bank.

In this transformation process, the commitment and collaboration between companies that share a common goal represents another concrete way to support the transition to a sustainable future.