Venmar with Yamaha Harmo electric motor wins the Boat of the year 2022 award

vela e motore award

The Respiro boat of the Venetian shipyard Venmar, in partnership with Cossutti Yacht design, and powered by the Yamaha Harmo electric motor, wins the Boat of the Year award in the “Product or Boat” category, organized by the historic Italian magazine Vela e Motore, which this year celebrates its first hundred years.

In its twentieth edition, which took place during the Venice Boat Show, the Boat of the Year award wanted to reward the protagonists of the nautical world, champions of sustainability, the new frontier of boats and “green” products.

The jury’s choice fell on Respiro, considered as a “boat that perfectly combines use at a relaxed cruising speed and the full electric solution which in fact guarantees a very quiet and pleasant navigation if you accept to give up the thrills of high speeds to enjoy nature.

Extremely successful is the combination of the RIM-drive solution developed by Yamaha and the lines of the boat with a traditional charm“.

vele e motore award
From left, Ernesto Chiesa of Yamaha Marine Italia and Alessandro Trevisan of Venmar

A beautiful experience born from a right phone call at the right time, which allowed us to combine experience and tradition with Yamaha’s technology and innovation” said Ernesto Chiesa, head of technical relations with Yamaha shipyards, while the builder Alessandro Trevisan added that:

The beauty of this project is that it was completed on the Lido, in the hope that the young people will return to the Venetian shipyards and that they will understand that building a boat in Venice is not that difficult“.