The range of helm seats by Besenzoni

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Besenzoni has produced essential components for yachts and super yachts for 55 years. These components result from high-quality craftsmanship, designed to provide the best technology and comfort in consideration of each boat.

The production of the 50+ models of the helm seat range has been increased by 30% over the past three years, not a nominal task, given that each one is expertly designed, tailor-made and then adapted according to the constant changes in market trends.

On the one hand, today’s market is strongly geared towards speedboats and large tenders which require high-performance seats similar to those of sports cars – ergonomically built using lightweight yet hard-wearing materials such as carbon – while, on the other hand, the same consumers desire helm seats which are increasingly comfortable, elegant and offered with a wide variety of different leathers and finishes.

A new comfortable range of helm seats

Envisioned in the Besenzoni Design Center, the helm seats made by the Sarnico-based company adhere to this fundamental principle: the seat must be completely ergonomic, constructed from the finest state-of-the-art materials. The range consists of Automatic Helm Seats, manually adjustable Helm Seats, Guest Seats and Sofas, and Performance Seats.

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The wide offer of movement and adjustment options ensures a comfortable and efficient steering position, as well as optimal posture.

The design, the spectrum of colours and the selection of finishes are in harmony with the cockpit and décor of the boat, with various choices of styles and sizes: both the trim and the technical parts can be custom-made and branded.

Each helm seat is unique thanks to the design, which prioritizes the ergonomic features seat and can be made to match the décor of each boat, from modest-sized boats all the way up to the most prestigious super yachts. The materials the company uses complement the quality of the design: aluminium, polished stainless steel, painted stainless steel, carbon steel and leather.

A closest look at Besenzoni’s range

The P338 Infinity Elegance Helm Seat has a modern and attractive design. Its simple and elegant shapes perfectly complement the stylish solutions used on various boats since it can be fully personalised and customised. Besenzoni’s helm seats are ideal for long voyages, with both electronic and manual methods to adjust the height and position of the ergonomic seat and the adjustable footrest for optimal comfort.

The streamlined P265 and P263 seats, among the latest products of the Sarnico-based company, are perfect for enclosed boats as well as flybridges. They have an attractive design and are very comfortable.

Both featuring a fixed backrest, they can be installed easily on different supports (either operated electronically or using a gas piston) or directly onto a suitable base for adaptation to the space available on the boat.

There is a dazzling range of possible combinations available with leather or marine vinyl upholstery and contrasting seams for a more modern effect. An unexpected feature of the P265 is the possibility to steer the boat while standing with its reclining seat.