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Riviera Genova looks to the future

Riviera hydraulic steering

Riviera Genova, company specialised in the production of magnetic compasses  is also active in the production of high quality nautical accessories such as, for example, steering systems.

The company looks to the future in terms of sustainability through the study of components that can meet the needs of lightness without losing reliability.

Precisely for this company philosophy, a Riviera hydraulic steering was chosen for installation on the solar-powered boat of the Swiss “Swiss Solar Boat” team.

Riviera’s steering pump

riviera steering pump for Swiss Solar BoatThe power steering pump installed on board the Swiss boat is a prototype obtained from a product already in production but lightened and made more efficient. On a technical level, the increase in performance is provided by the volumetric increase of the pump itself, whose capacity goes from 16 cm3 to 25 cm3 (with a 50% increase compared to the standard pump).

The power steering, weighing about 2.8 kg, is also lighter than similar products. These advantages translate into a lower overall weight of the boat that uses solar energy to navigate and, in terms of performance, makes the turn of the hull faster and more direct.

A sustainable boat

Swiss Solar Boat” is an incubator project of ideas and technologies created by young Swiss engineers to demonstrate the power of renewable energy by using solar panels to power the boat’s engine. The goal was to create a boat with a unique character and implement the most advanced technologies.

Both the hull and the water lines are designed to minimize resistance and friction with the water surface.

sustainable boat solar powerThe development of an active navigation control system using foils guarantees excellent stability and performance.

The hull is made of composite materials that combine fine-layered carbon and woven fabric with linen fibers, and the structure of the boat has been significantly optimized in terms of both lightness and mechanical properties ensuring the safety of the pilot in all circumstances.

To completes these innovations, the integration of solar panels, a real challenge in the design of this type of boat.

“Swiss Solar Boat” takes part in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge organized by the Yacht Club of Monaco, an annual competition in Monegasque waters that promotes the innovation and development of systems based on green energy sources.


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