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Lofrans’ & MAX POWER Convention

distributor event

On 14-16 October 2022 the first Lofrans’ & MAX POWER Convention was successfully held: official distributors of the two manufacturing brands travelled from all over the world for a two-day event, hosted at LaLiBay Resort & Spa, on the island of Aegina, Greece.

This event aimed to give distributors voice to discuss all the key topics that concern them; at the same time, it was an ideal opportunity for bonding and networking.

Looking back to look forward

Discussions, presentations about upcoming projects as well as plans for the future took place in a vibrant atmosphere.

More specifically, some historical facts were presented to highlight the development of each brand over the years, as well as the most important changes that have taken place since 2012, when they joined #thelalizasforce.

Everyone had the chance to meet up and share their good practices, as well as their various experiences in the market.

Lofrans' & MAX POWER Convention 2022

Lofran: Italian design and reliability

Several stories shared by the attendees highlighted the high performance and long durability of Lofrans’ windlasses: the direct feedback they receive from all boaters who choose “The Original Windlass” on board was a recognition of the brand’s reliability.

The design & production capabilities to provide customised solutions that meet the needs of each customer is a competitive advantage of Lofrans’, of course along with its unique Italian design, issues that were pointed out during the presentations.

Max Power: yachting performance

The attendees discussed about the “power” of MAX POWER, which is dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative solutions that all strive to bring ultimate performance into the world of yachting.

It is worth noting that the event was interactive, as in addition to their feedback, the distributors had a close look at the upgraded Rope Kit of the Tigres Windlass, as well as the new Stern Windlass that Lofrans’ is about to launch.

Also, the attendees had the opportunity to see new projects of MAX POWER up close, such as the Tunnel Thruster CT300 & CT325 48V as well as the Brushless Motor.