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Boatbuilders, marina operators and boat owners alike know the paramount importance of using ground fault circuit interrupting (GFCI) receptacles to help mitigate electric shock risks. Hubbell Marine manufactures a complete line of 15A 125V GFCI outlets in Standard, Weather Resistant and Extra Heavy-Duty models to suit any marine application.

Each Hubbell receptacle in this product family incorporates patented circuitry that constantly tests GFCI functionality utilizing a proprietary algorithm.

ground fault circuit interrupting

For easy visual status of the device’s condition, indicator lights on the unit’s face shine green under normal operation, then red to warn of a trip. Flashing red signals receptacle end of life. Large buttons allow easy device test and reset, even when wearing gloves.

Sized to fit a standard 63.5mm box, the receptacle’s feed-through technology protects outlets located downstream on the same circuit. This enhances safety when it’s installed upstream of where GFCI units are not recommended, such as cockpits exposed to salt spray or engine rooms.

Hubbell’s GFRST-series Standard receptacles provide full GFCI protection in an attractive contemporary housing. A choice of white, ivory, light almond, brown, gray or black finishes complement a range of modern vessel interior décor treatments.

The GFWRST-series

For an additional level of protection, Hubbell offers its GFWRST-series Weather Resistant receptacles. They provide the same class-leading features as Standard models, plus meet all NEC requirements for weather sealing, UV and corrosion-resistance. This makes them ideal for use in damp locations on boats or in boatyards.

Hubbell’s GF5262SG-series Extra Heavy-Duty receptacles in 15A and 20A models handle those installations most exposed to the elements. Face contacts, mounting straps and terminals are all nickel-plated for superior corrosion-resistance, encased in high-impact, UV-stabilized housings with stainless steel mounting screws.

All Hubbell GFCI receptacles meet UL, ABYC and NEC standards.