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Small device to help mooring boats, invented by a man from Udine

device to help mooring boats

After endless launches of mooring lines from the piers of the marinas by diligent yachtsmen, to allow the mooring of boats upon returning from the sea exits, and after endless quarrels with the guests, because they are unable to catch on the fly or recover easily from the jetty the lines necessary for mooring, often highlighted with the Venetian incitement from the captain (ciappa le cime !) “Grab the lines you…”, generally followed by other varied expletives, the “ciappacime” is born.

yacht mooring

A small telescopic device, with a very refined design, for now exclusively manual, but soon also remote controlled, in stainless steel, 30 cm in length in its ‘resting position’ and 70/90 cm when elongated.

Once inserted into the dock in a 3 cm hole (generally already existing), which in its maximum extension, allows you to place the ropes in the starting phase and to offer them during mooring, to be then, given the very small size, left in place or easily removed after its use.

The inventor is the real estate developer Francesco Cescutti, a passionate yachtsman for over 40 years, who has made it a virtue of necessity by inventing, patenting and manufacturing the device, with the collaboration of the historic company of Cervignano del Friuli, Tel Luigi srl, specialized in the processing and production of stainless steel.

The “ciappacime” will soon be on sale on the web on every major commercial platform, and also in specialized stores. From now on, the device can be booked, and any proposals for the transfer of the patent and trademark of it, or the possibility of a joint venture, will be evaluated.