Apreamare invents the Gozzo 35 Speedster, elegance meets adrenaline

Gozzo 35 Speedster

The success of Apreamare’s Gozzo line continues, with a new and innovative version of the Gozzo 35, which has three 300 HP outboard engines delivering the high performance of a true sport boat and a top speed well over 40 knots.

Its ambition is to combine the typical lines and timeless style of the Sorrento gozzo with the sportiness and performance of a fast cruiser.

A gozzo more and more modern

“Apreamare invented the planing gozzo. Then we developed sterndrive and inboard engine models and now we’re offering yet another choice: a version with outboard engines,” says Apreamare president Cataldo Aprea.

“We’re the only yard in all these years to master the innovation and the development of an iconic boat like the Sorrento gozzo. Our main strength is that we are pioneers in this ongoing process of modernizing the gozzo making it always contemporary and progressive. And the latest step in this renewal is the Speedster outboard version.”

Features of Gozzo 35 Speedster

With sober and elegant deck lines by Marco Casali of Too Design and a hull by Umberto Tagliavini of Marine Design assisted by Cataldo Aprea, the new iconic Gozzo 35 Speedster has a Mediterranean soul and offers a third propulsion option delivering almost a thousand horsepowers, designed for owners who prefer the practicality, light weight and power of outboard engines, but without sacrificing any of the tradition and style that are brand-defining features of Apreamare.

 Gozzo 35 Speedster - Rendering (2)

The boatyard decided to introduce the new Gozzo 35 Speedster for the first time to an audience that’s known to love/prefer outboard engine propulsion, i.e. American visitors to the recently concluded Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, where it attracted interest beyond all expectations.

Comfort and space on board

A propulsion system based on three x 300 HP Mercury engines brings various advantages, most importantly in terms of space, because the outboards allow the engine room to be replaced with a large storage area to carry water toys and/or other equipments.

The stern platform housing the outboard engines will lose none of its spaciousness and comfort, because it’s designed to maintain the gozzo’s natural lines and offer guests an easy, safe and convenient way to enter and leave the water for a swim.

Speed and manoeuvrability will also be the key strengths of this new Special Edition. It’s powerful outboard engines guarantee overall lightness, easier maintenance and lower costs compared to the inboard version.

The first unit will have an elegantly aggressive black livery that points up both the beauty of the boat’s lines and its gritty, bold character.


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