Besenzoni at the 2022 METS in Amsterdam


Besenzoni confirms that this year it will be at the METS, the most prestigious boat show for yachting products that will take place in Amsterdam from 15 to 17 November.

More specifically, the Sarnico-based company will be at the show in its usual locations: the Italian Pavilion and the Superyacht Pavilion where the finest products from its  Unica range – Unique Yacht Solutions – entirely focused on large yachts and one-off solutions will be on display.

Products on display at the METS

On display at the Unica stand will be the LP100 PLUS ladder/boarding platform, which has been enhanced with new details and finishes. Its main function is obviously as a bathing or boarding/disembarking ladder, but it is not limited to this and can be used as an extension of the sun deck or as a tenderlift.

LP 100 plus

The ladder/boarding platform operation incorporates a raising/lowering movement with a final retractable hydraulic platform to extend the last step, which makes it easier to get onto the quayside.

As far as helm seats are concerned, there will be the P400 Matrix and the P338 Infinity Elegance, two of Besenzoni’s most popular products for longer journeys, thanks to its wide range of movements and adjustments that guarantee ergonomic, comfortable seating.

In particular, the P338 Infinity Elegance has simple yet elegant shapes which perfectly complement the designs found on different boats since it can be fully personalised and customised.

Carbon made products

The company’s wide range of products showcased in the Italian pavilion are suitable for all types of boats and are enhanced with details and carbon components that are both stronger and lighter, as well as making them more attractive.

For example, the SP607, the multifunctional retractable ladder that can be transformed into a footboard in seconds, will have its steps enhanced with carbon.

boat ladder
SPE 907 LaScala elettrica

Also made of carbon fibre is the trim of the BeElectric series IlTenderlift, which is used for all the operations required for the towing/launching of tenders and jet skis, an important component which enables the crew to be totally in control of this technical phase which can easily be managed by a single operator.

Besenzoni for yachts

With regard to yachting equipment, some of the most popular helm seat models on the market made by Besenzoni couldn’t be left out from the show: P246 Smile, P243 Diamond, P252 and the brand new P339.

besenzoni boat accessories
P 252 Carbon Stealth

The latter in particular offers high quality, thanks to the use of fine leather with special stitching along with technical as well as aesthetic solutions and features an electric seat mounting which makes it possible for the seat to be raised and moved forwards and backwards, as well as controlling the reclining backrest. The armrests, like the footrests, can be reclined manually.

Besenzoni will be at the Italian Pavilion (12.115) – Unica Superyacht Pavilion (10.503)


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