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Blu Emme Yachts is the only shipyard among the Nauticsud Award winners


Evo Yachts was honoured at the Nauticsud Award 2023, an event organised by the Nautical Industry Association, whose ceremony was attended by several authorities including Minister Daniela Santanchè and Naples Mayor Gaetano Manfredi.

The company owned by the Mercuri brothers was the only shipyard chosen among the winners, alongside media and designers from the sector, awarded “for having been able to interpret the company’s growth through unique models of class, achieving great feedback from pleasure boating enthusiasts“, a result that confirms the growth of the brand.

Nauticsud 2023 evo yacht

During the Campania boat show, moreover, the shipyard, which has made boat transformability one of its strong points, obtained numerous responses for the two models on display, Evo R4 WA – which offers unprecedented solutions for experiencing the sea in comfort and relaxation – and Evo T3, a historic model that pays homage to tradition.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy