New 48V models by MAX POWER

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The increasing popularity of environmentally friendly boats with 48V electric propulsion required the development of thrusters running at the same voltage.

max power
CT300 – CT325 48V

MAX POWER responded to the needs of the boating industry, by introducing its new 48V models.

The Electric Tunnel Thrusters CT 125, CT 300, CT 325 as well as the Electric Retractable Thruster VIP150 ELECTRIC are also available in 48V.

They operate from 48V house bank batteries, an option which will provide space and cost savings for the boating community as smaller wires will be needed for the installation.

Founded in 1987, in Mandelieu, France, MAX POWER has developed an extensive variety of products, from simple tunnel thrusters to retractable ones, ensuring every boat’s maneuverability.