Terranova products are available in standard (Carbon Steel, Low temperature Carbon Steel, 316 & 321 Stainless Steel,) and special alloys (Hastelloy C, Duplex, Monel, Titanium, Inconel, etc.) all compliant to NACE latest requirements.

The product range is including pressure, differential pressure, level and temperature electronic transmitters.

The working principles of transmitters are also quite wide to better fit the application: torque tube, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure (piezoelectric, ceramic and capacitive) & resistive for the measure of level or interface level; piezoelectric, ceramic and capacitive for the measure of pressure and differential pressure, thermo resistance or thermocouple for the measure of temperature.



Talking about pressure transmitters, especially how the transmitters are connected to the
process, Terranova can draw on around 150 years of experience.

The process can be extremely different from one case to another, in terms of fluid, pressure, temperature, suitable materials. This is why it is so important to approach the application with the right mentality, not believing that with electronic compensations or latest generation microchips (if not unobtainable) any problem can be solved.

The mechanical design of the process connection and the study of the right medium that must transfer the thrust from the separation diaphragm to the sensor are not considerations that can be improvised.

In particular, gold plating options are available to help prevent hydrogen permeation through the diaphragm seal to the sensor and through the fill fluid. The seal gold plating solution is available in both gauge pressure and differential pressure applications, from simple 1/2” NPT-M process connections up to flanged, wafer or any type of construction.