The electric mobility becomes protagonist at the Idroscalo Milano

electric boat show

A three-day event you can’t miss at Idroscalo Milano. From Friday 12 to Sunday 14, 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m., the park in Metropolitan City of Milan will be the stage of a one-of-a-kind trade show in Italy, entirely dedicated to a 100% electric mobility on water: EBS – Electric Boat Show 2023.

Following the success of its first edition in 2022, that surpassed the 10.000 visitors mark, the “sea of Milan” hosts three days of conferences, expo and water trials dedicated to electric mobility and the nautical word, aiming to involve both the operators of the sector and the public at large in the metropolitan area.

12th May: day one of EBS

EBS – Electric Boat Show 2023 will host its opening ceremony on Friday 12, May, at 11.00 a.m., with the presence of the authorities of the city, who have always focused through active policies throughout the territory on the sensible topics of environmental preservation and eco-friendly transition.

During all three days of the event, It will be possible to try first-hand on the waters of Idroscalo all the vehicles via registration on the website

Detailed study and entertainment, the winning combination of the team at Paeda, that after the ribbon-cutting ceremony will invite everyone to the institutional conference “Energy sources and zero-impact – Institutions face the growing request for sustainable solutions” moderated by Davide Lenarduzzi, CEO of Paeda, with the intervention, among the speakers, of Roberto Maviglia, Councillor in charge of school buildings, sport facilities and Idroscalo management of the Metropolitan City of Milan; followed by the English-only roundtable titled “Netherland-Italy Bilateral Meeting on Electric Mobility on Water”.

13th May: day two of EBS

On Saturday 13, May, at 10.30 a.m., the first conference “Electric and hybrid projects for public utility and safety” will be followed by the private event of Transfluid/Bellmarine in the terrace lounge of the tower of Idroscalo.

At 3.00 p.m. the spotlight will be moved to “Electric transition in the world of recreational boating and the certification process”, while at 4.00 p.m. another private event will take place.

14th May: day three of EBS

On Sunday 14, May, at 10.00 a.m. the event and conference with Politecnico di Milano, titled “Physis-PEB: international universities confront on the future of water mobility technologies”, with the swiss team that takes part in the Monaco Energy Challenge in the solar section as guest of honour. At 12.00 a.m. the great boat parade will take place in the “sea of Milan”.

electric boat show

Aiming at a better sustainable mobility

The Metropolitan City of Milan will host once again, inside of Idroscalo park, the high-profile event that tackles some of the challenges relevant to the city. I always think about sustainable mobility, ecological transition and environmental preservation, as well as about continuous research and innovation. It is always vital to bring these topics to the public attention in all its forms and declinations, and I think that Idroscalo is the perfect location to host a trade show of such magnitude that not only attracts the best of the operators in the field, but also will fascinate the public at large of the metropolitan area.Francesco Vassallo, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Milan

Doing the honours will be the Councillor in charge of Idroscalo, Roberto Maviglia, enthusiastic about the opportunity to host in the “sea of Milan” the three-day trade fair:

“A quality event able to capture different publics, conveying important messages linked to energetic and environmental transition in relation to a very specific mobility, the one on water. Last year was a great success for the public that was given the opportunity to
try all the vehicles. And I think the conferences are as much of an important occasion to reflect and increase our knowledge on the topic.”

Nautical industry & sustainability

The Councillor in charge of Mobility and Infrastructures, Beatrice Uguccioni praises the initiative:

All that represents innovation, through a sustainable vision, deserves attention. Our institution has been working for years towards a “softer” mobility, one that fulfils the necessity of moving while respecting the environment. One year ago Idroscalo hosted the first edition of EBS, that showed us truly innovative solutions in the nautical industry to face electric transition. One year later the challenge is still there. During this time our institution also reached important goals, with the opening of the first section of Metro Line 6 as part of the “biciplan Cambio”, that connects Idroscalo to Milan, and the funding through the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience of 5 more cycling paths. Ecological transition on the mobility front is an ever-growing reality!”.

Expectations are high and the answer from the sector is even higher and more entustiastic. Pursuing the transition to a sustainable mobility through this second edition is the beating heart and main Focus of the event. This time we’re proud to be supported by Enel X Way as our Main Energy Partner, that firmly believed in us.Paola Brancati, Managing Director of Paeda & associati

yacht environment

For a long time now the best operators in the nautical industry have asked for a meeting point exclusively dedicated to 100% electric mobility. It is out of this call that EBS – Electric Boat Show was born! A innovative trade fair format hosted in a unique location: the heart of Milan. Idroscalo is located just a few minutes away from Milan city centre. Here you can not only encounter the best solutions the market has to offer, but you are able to try them first-hand on water. All this accompanied with a high-profile conference and institutional programme. First edition’s claim was: ‘Is electric mobility on water the future? No, it’s much more… it’s already happening’. This year’s will be ‘From prototype to mass production’”, says Davide Lenarduzzi, CEO at Paeda & associati.