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AkzoNobel, half a Century of history


AkzoNobel is marking the 50 th anniversary of its Awlgrip® brand with activities throughout the year, to celebrate how it has become a big company specialised in high gloss finish.

Awlgrip originated out of an Aerospace coating, Alumigrip, in 1973. The brand’s evolution has been defined by spirit of innovation to meet the changing boat building technologies, repair and application processes, and to deliver an extensive color palette that meet consumer demand and expectations.

Over the five decades since its inception, the Awlgrip range has expanded to encompass finishes, primers, fillers and varnishes. Its market presence is reinforced by sales and technical teams that educate and support applicators, builders and boaters.


Activity around the celebrations will include amplification of technical and customer support across social media and digital channels, with promotional activity at key fall boat shows such as Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, Monaco Yacht Show, METS Tradeshow and Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

It will also highlight the years of innovation that have delivered products like Awlgrip Topcoat, Awlwood, Awlfair Spray Filler, Awlgrip HDT and the new Awlcraft 3000 topcoat.


General Manager of Merritt Supply Tim Oenbrink tells the story of selling the first can of Awlgrip topcoat with a custom yellow color for the sport fish boat Fighting Lady, and how Merritt Supply and Awlgrip work together to provide premium products and support to applicators.

AkzoNobel’s YPAC training center has been and continues to be of real benefit to us as a business. As well as countless customers, we send every single one of our sales employees there to learn.

We’ve had a great experience with Awlgrip. When you first start out as a business owner, you want to surround yourself with manufacturers and products that you rely on. Awlgrip has been there for us for 38 years and helped us become what we are today. – Joe Mains, founder of Gold Coast Marine 

Awlgrip has been trusted for over five decades: this milestone is a real testament to the dedication, professionalism and passion of all applicators and boatyards who have devotedly applied Awlgrip products on boats of all sizes and helped shape the brand over the last fifty years. As a result, we wanted to take a moment to highlight these achievements and pay tribute to all those who have made and continue to make Awlgrip what it is today and tomorrow. We are excited to showcase all the passion that Awlgrip applicators, boatyards, and owners share when they look at the boat with that amazing finish that Awlgrip continues to deliver. Jemma Lampkin, Global Commercial Director at AkzoNobel Yacht Coatings

AwlCraft 3000

AkzoNobel’s yacht coatings business has recently launched a new top coat globally, featuring enhanced color technology for professionals and boat owners.

The new product is AwlCraft 3000. It uses the same toner system as is used for Awlgrip HDT, which reduces complexity for Awlgrip distributors and offers a deeper and more consistent color performance, while retaining the long-lasting, high-gloss finish of its predecessor Awlcraft 2000.

Developed specifically for professional use, the system is coupled with AkzoNobel’s suite of digital color matching tools that support owners in finding the right color for their boat.

It also shares the application characteristics and repairability that have made Awlcraft 2000 a great applicator’s toolbox for over 25 years.

At launch, the Awlcraft 3000 Clear Coat and a set of ready-mixed colors will be available for the Asia Pacific, European, and North American markets that include the popular colors of: Snow White, Flag Blue and Extreme Black.

The full Awlcraft 3000 range will consist of a full range of colors, one clear coat, and one binder base (available later in 2023). Awlcraft 3000 will continue to use Awlcat #2 converter and Awlgrip Reducers.