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SANTELMO chosen by NOI Techpark, Bolzano’s international startup incubator

NOI Techpark

The startup SANTELMO, which plans to renovate the yachting world with a line of eco-sustainable yachts, is part of NOI Techpark, the technology park set up in Bolzano in 2017.

Dedicated to research and innovation, NOI Techpark is home to startups, businesses, researchers and students, totalling over a thousand people who, like SANTELMO, work to foster Italy’s ecological and economic transition. With a professional network and a broad range of services, NOI Techpark supports research and development projects, nurturing new talent and helping startups grow.

A wide sustainable project

We recently moved to NOI Techpark and are pleased to have been chosen among the best startups by this major project, which is designed to provide the ideal ecosystem for innovative entities like ours. The community is very broad and stimulating because of all the different industries represented, including green, automotive and digital, which can also be an inspiration to each other. One example is our entering into discussions with a startup which develops digital solutions for the green conversion of transport companies and infrastructure planners.This electrifying international environment is also designed to help brands like ours create competitive products. In addition, NOI Techpark has a special interest in hydrogen, which is the key element for our project because SANTELMO yachts feature fuel cell propulsion systems powered by green hydrogen.Marta Ghirardelli, one of the project’s two founders

eco yacht

Hydrogen technology

The common thread uniting the NOI Techpark community is a focus on eco-sustainable innovation, a cornerstone of the design philosophy of SANTELMO, whose boats will be produced with over 90% recyclable materials, built from aluminium alloy, and equipped with fuel cells powered by green hydrogen.

With over 15 years’ experience developing green hydrogen technology, the province of Bolzano is at the cutting edge of hydrogen technology. About 10 years ago, the first green hydrogen production, storage and refuelling station was built in Bolzano and has for years been serving the hydrogen buses still operating in the province.

santelmo yacht

The only waste element produced by SANTELMO boats will be water, because their propulsion systems are based on green hydrogen fuel cells produced in collaboration with the German Hofer Powertrain. In addition, the production process for these boats will involve no road but only sea transport, once again with a view to limiting impact on the environment.

The South Tyrol technology park is therefore the perfect location to produce this line of boats, which sets out to take a new step forward on the path to a more sustainable Italian yachting industry in terms of the design, construction, use and, not least, disposal of its world-famous products.