Bellotti opens its new headquarters in Viareggio, with the support of NAVIGO

viareggio shipyard

Bellotti chooses Viareggio to cement its presence as a leader in the manufacture of products-nautical and otherwise-in wood.

The Como-based company, which specializes in woodworking and has been active for nearly a century, inaugurates a new headquarters within the Polo Nautico, at the center of the productive and industrial Darsena, establishing itself in the nerve center of the Tuscan Nautical District.

By virtue of its logistical proximity with the main interlocutors of the shipbuilding sector, in fact, the new headquarters will be a hub able to intercept the demands of the sector.

bellotti new headquarters

Navigo and Bellotti

Thanks to the collaboration with NAVIGO, Bellotti has matured the decision to reinvigorate its presence in Tuscany, the leading region for yacht production at the international level.

The new headquarters will be able to be both a point of reference in the area for those who want to learn more about the technologies offered by Bellotti, and will be able to act as a booster for the company itself, which will have the opportunity to present new products and proposals directly to interested parties.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the new headquarters, the company held a technical meeting involving several figures from both Bellotti and NAVIGO.

Environmental, Social and Governance standards

The main focus of the meeting was the implementation of the three ESG dictates that constitute the company’s quality standard, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

bellotti nautica

The implementation of these three themes has been translated into as many concrete lines of action: with regard to the first point, Bellotti’s commitment to analyze energy consumption in a capillary manner is firm, so that it can make the entire production line more efficient and lower the environmental impact of its actions.

In the area of customer interaction, Bellotti has set up on the totality of production a virtualization tool that intersects with the concept of metaverse, which allows on the one hand to be able to show its catalog both to customers and at trade fairs, while on the other hand testifies to the willingness to invest in innovation.

Finally, as far as governance is concerned, Bellotti has decided to adhere to a social management platform that makes it possible to speed up – in a formal and controlled manner, however – commercial exchanges between internal production and construction sites, registering them in a secure and always up-to-date database.

Within such a register will be enumerated all the commercial exchanges that take place between the company and its customers, and in this way it will also be possible to intervene in a timely manner should there be the occurrence of a problem on a particular product.