Benetti: the new B.YOND 55M and “Project LIFE” 85M have been revealed


During the “Shaping the Future” press conference held at Hotel Hermitage in Monaco on the occasion of its 150th anniversary, Benetti presented achievements of the last year and illustrated plans for development, revealing new design concepts.

It is a great pleasure for me to announce our new collaborations and projects today. Offering cutting-edge yachts to the market is our mission, hence the need to further expand the brand’s collaborations with the best designers in the world and announce new revolutions in the world of yachting, of which the Veranda Deck is the new standard bearer. It’s a symposium, a triumph of excellence in yachting under the Benetti flag, and I am very proud of it.Giovanna Vitelli, Chair of Azimut|Benetti Group.

Veranda DECK™

Benetti and RWD announced a new product, the Veranda Deck, the reinterpretation of the Main Deck lounge. A space that has seen almost no change in the past fifty years.

The new generation of owners love contact with the outdoors, so the new “Veranda Deck” opens the space completely on three sides, creating a continuous environment between the lounge and the stern.

benetti veranda deck
Veranda deck – On cover: B.Yond 55M

This new concept will be proposed for the first time on the Motopanfilo 45M, a steel project with which Benetti rediscovers the origins of the yachts of the Sixties.The exteriors are designed by RWD. Lazzarini Pickering Architetti envisioned the Interior Design and Exterior Deck Design of the 45M in continuity with the 37M, building on their study of the spaces.


The B.Yond family grows with the new 55M designed by Igor Lobanov, who collaborated with Benetti for the first time. The B.Yond line was born from the vision of Paolo Vitelli and the creativity of Stefano Righini, who with the first 37M created the Voyager, not a traditional megayacht, nor an extreme explorer, but a new category in steel designed for owners with a thirst for discovery.

Igor Lobanov endeavored to enhance the “Voyager” spirit of the line with environments designed to offer guests diverse experiences, even during long stays on board.

B.Yond yacht

Each of the five decks was designed for a distinct use, ensuring privacy and intimacy for guests and crew. Furthermore the concept of layout “fluidity” was introduced. Replacing the ideal of symmetry with an approach to the positioning of the stairs, new spaces were created inside the yacht.

For the exterior design, Lobanov was inspired by the clean lines of the luxury automotive world, focusing on the creation of fluid yet massive, robust and rounded shapes. A game of optical illusions characterizes the side of this 55-meter vessel, creating a suggestive visual effect.


With the signature of Espen Øino on the exteriors and Francois Zuretti on the interiors, Benetti announces Project LIFE, the new 85-meter to enrich its megayacht fleet.

All the spaces aboard Project LIFE are designed for a new kind of social entertainment with large convivial areas and reconfigurable meeting places on each deck.

The example is the large revolving lounge that changes its focal point according to the time of the day. Project LIFE is equipped with all the modern technologies available to reduce consumption: an optimized hull; diesel-electric propulsion with fossil and non fossil fuel (HVO) technology and POD transmission; and integrated hybrid solar panels that collect both solar and thermal energy to power the tenders, toys and appliances.

For the interiors, Francois Zuretti’s decor choices create a balance between the colors and the surrounding environment, which materializes with an expanded opening, allowing natural light to enhance the spaces and the continuously moving landscape.

Zuretti worked on the materials and ceiling heights in particular to achieve spatial and stylistic continuity between interior and exterior. This choice which favors curved lines is perceived in the Main Reception, in the Main Saloon and in the Upper Lounge. He has enhanced the sea views with floor-to-ceiling windows and designed a lighting system to create evocative atmospheres in all the leisure areas.


During the press conference, Valentina Zannier presented the interiors of “ORO”, her first collaboration with Benetti, whose external design and layout bear the signature of Giorgio Cassetta.

ORO’s exterior style is all about purity: soft and uninterrupted lines define a personality through subtle but carefully studied three-dimensional movements.

The work of Valentina Zannier focuses on the interaction between the contemporary style of the surfaces and the classic details of the yacht, giving the impression of a jewel.

benetti yacht
Project Oro – Beach Club On cover: Project Oro – Exteriors

Fluid shapes and the strong link between external and internal spaces are connected, while the extensive use of natural materials combined with a palette of neutral yet warm colors endows an authentic air, reflective of a refined development of pure, ancestral shapes and motifs.


Benetti reconfirms its approach to reducing emissions, a strategy launched over two decades ago and based on the development and implementation of  technologies available to make a difference.

Today, Benetti offers hybrid or diesel-electric propulsion across nearly its entire range, paired with hulls that significantly reduce consumption and CO2 emissions.

From the insight that yachts are used at anchor 90% of the time, Benetti also announces a program of solutions aimed at optimizing energy consumption through a Power Management system: for example, the latest generation air conditioning systems allow a reduction in electricity consumption of up to 60%, while the heat recovery system reduces the energy required to heat the fresh water for onboard services.

With the progressive decarbonization of the sector in mind and alternative solutions to fossil fuels playing a major role, Azimut|Benetti Group has recently signed an agreement with Eni Sustainable Mobility for the supply of HVOlution, the HVO biofuel produced with 100% renewable raw materials*.

The test program conducted in the summer of 2023 demonstrated the full technical efficiency of the biofuel and recorded a well-to-wake reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 80%.

*Pursuant to EU Directive 2018/2001 “REDII”