Omikron Yachts presents the OT60 at the Olympic Yacht Show 2023

omikron yacht

At the 2023 Olympic Yacht Show, held from the 19th to the 22nd of October, Omikron Yachts will have on display two OT60, energized by a summer of fun on the water, which continued from its debut in Venice this June.

This is an elegant eco-cruiser, that provides more space at a comfortable pace. Four cylinder engines and a custom hull design by Juan-K, optimized for cruising at 10-12 knots, allow the OT60 to travel up to 1000 nautical miles, consuming just 1.5 liters per nautical mile.

omikron yacht

The inspiration for the OT60 comes from the waters surrounding Olympic Marine, the habits of visitors and the local culture, rendering the chance to observe her in harmony with her natural habitat.

Features and design of the OT60

The interior and exterior design are the work of Lorenzo Argento. Unexpected spaces play an important role, such as the double-deck annex for guests and the rooftop arrangement. Ciarmoli Queda Studio styled the interiors with natural materials, neutral colors and tactile finishes, rendering every space and surface on board both comfortable and inviting.

We are anticipating this years Olympic Yacht Show like never before, because now we have skin in the game – a production model that we built to reflect our passion and our seas. Following the successful debut of the OT60 in Venice and her electrifying reception from the industry, it’s time for her to come home – not to rest, but to host our guests! To see our vision realized is a true joy, one that is multiplied when we share it with the boating community. The Olympic Yacht Show is the perfect opportunity to consolidate the momentum of a busy summer and give the OT60 the welcoming she deserves.Nikolas Dendrinos, Chairman of Olympic Marine