Arcadia Yacht eco-sustainable production facilities


Located a few kilometres from Pompei, Arcadia Yachts has made environmental friendliness a part of its mission since its foundation in 2008.

The shipyard worked to build yachts with a light footprint ꟷ through hull design and propulsion systems optimised to reduce consumption, use of solar panels, openable windows, insulated glazing ꟷ but has also declared its intention to make its production facilities as eco-sustainable as possible.

This is why Arcadia Yachts has been stepping up its investments in solar panels for its production facilities, which cover an area of 47,000 square metres and include two buildings (36,000 and 11,000 square metres) as well as a marina for launching and hauling up yachts.

In recent months, 612 Sunerg Solar panels totalling over 1,200 square metres have been installed and further extensions are planned in the near future. In the meantime, investments are also being made in research to improve the performance of the existing panels and increase energy production, which already covers 70% of the yard’s requirements, with an annual output of around 250,000 kWh.

Solar panels on boats

The introduction of solar panels on boats and buildings over the years has been carried out in collaboration with partners in the industry, and the efficiency of the panels installed on ARCADIA boats has increased by over 38% in the last decade.

Arcadia Yachts’ approach to the environment must consider every single aspect of our business, which is why we have decided to speed up work on our production facilities as well and why we continue to carry out research in this area. To minimise our impact on the world we live in, we want to apply all the skills and solutions already tried and tested in other industries to our own products and production processes, and as soon as possible.Ugo Pellegrino, shipyard’s founder and CEO