CMC Marine announces a €10 million three-year expansion plan

CMC Marine

METS 2023 – the trade fair for marine equipment, materials and systems – provided the backdrop for the press conference held by CMC Marine, which presented the company’s latest developments and future plans to the international press.

CMC Marine, founded in 2005 by Alessandro Cappiello, is now an international player in the electric stabilization system sector, with over 2,500 installations on yachts and superyachts, and technical assistance centres distributed around the world.

The company announced a growth plan worth €10 million that will unfold over the next three years and is based on three different pillars: product, production capacity, offering.

And in fact, during METS, the company premiered its new LR 180 and LR 250 models, the latter being the largest electrically actuated fin system the company has ever produced. The two new units are designed for boats from 50 to 100 feet in length, expanding the range of products offered by CMC Marine to superyachts and mega yachts.

CMC Marine plan

News of CMC: Stabilis 5.0 and a new production site

The new series of latest generation electric stabilization systems, Stabilis 5.0, is arriving in spring 2024.

This system has an algorithm dedicated to on-board operations and features immediate feedback on roll motion reduction; performance optimisation based on sea conditions; Mitsubishi electronics; interchangeable AC/DC power supply; DALI (Display, Assistance & Log Interface) system.

Also part of CMC Marine’s three-year growth plan is the new Salerno production site, which is scheduled to open in December 2023. Occupying an area of 10,000 square metres and including three industrial sheds, the plant will allow mechanical component production to be ramped up and make it possible to bring in-house the production of GRP elements, and therefore the entire STAB line, improving the efficiency of the production chain.

Other investments of the company

Production site expansion, however, doesn’t stop at Italy’s borders and involves international developments. In July 2023, the company announced the opening of a new 600-square-meter site in Poole (UK), which will be joined by a development plan for the US market carried forward by Raffaele Invrea, recently appointed Managing Director of CMC Marine USA.

The third step in the growth plan announced by CMC Marine is its investment to expand the company’s offering of electric products. To achieve this, CMC Marine has formed a partnership with Gyro Marine, resulting in the inclusion of gyroscopes in the product range and further extending the brand’s offer (we talked about it in THIS ARTICLE).

Thanks to this partnership, customers have a more comprehensive and customisable range of solutions to meet any need, plus the advantages of both technologies (CMC Marine and Gyro Marine) combined in a single range, as well as the convenience of only having to talk to one supplier.