Cantiere Mimi signs an agreement with Marine Wizard

Gozzo Mimi

The Neapolitan brand Cantiere Mimì adds a new name to its dealer network: it is Wizard Marine, based in Varazze and Santo Stefano al Mare, in the province of Imperia. The agreement was signed during the last Genoa Boat Show, confirming that boat shows are important occasions not only to broaden the audience of boat owners, but also to initiate new partnerships.

The first boats from the shipyard have already been delivered in the weeks immediately following the Boat Show, and starting in 2024 the entire range of boats – from the Libeccio 6.5 Classic to the Libeccio 13.5 Cabin – will be available, throughout Europe and in several countries in Asia.

“Liguria and Campania boast an important tradition related to gozzo boats, a type that in both areas has managed to renew itself and go hand in hand with technological evolution. I am particularly proud of this partnership because I believe the two companies share the same values.”

Domenico Senese, owner of Cantiere Mimì

About Marine Wizard

Marine Wizard was established in 2008 by Antonio Lombardo, son of Giuseppe Lombardo, founder of Motomar shipyards, who in the 1980s had built luxury gozzo boats based on Isle of Wight fishing boat hulls for cabin cruisers and on a Ligurian gozzo base for pontoon-only boats.

“I was looking for a classy product that had classic styles and tradition combined with modern design. I began to consider Mimi gozzi as a complementary product to our commercial offer as early as 2020, and this year we decided to distribute these elegant and never mundane boats with fine finishes that are very much in favor with our refined clientele.”

Antonio Lombardo