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At MECSPE the Solution Award – Premio Innovazione Robotica


The 9th edition of the well-recognised Solution Award, an award for the best industrial or service robotics application created by Italian companies, is ready to receive applications by filling out this free entry link.

Individual companies or in consortia, owners of the application as system integrators or end users can participate in the selection. Universities and Research Centres can only compete if they are associated with an industrial end-user. The candidate application may be in service/testing in any country.

Eligible applications

Applications in any sector are eligible, by way of example: Handling, robotic logistics, mobile manipulation, inspection and testing, assembly, robot machining, robotics for additive manufacturing, human-robot collaboration, mixed human-robot production lines, intuitive interaction, robots and digital innovation, entertainment, healthcare and rehabilitation, robotics for catering, robotics applications in the home.

The applications will be evaluated by the Scientific Technical Committee (STC) appointed by the platform and the magazines Automazione Integrata and Automazione Industriale published by Tecniche Nuove Media. There are two criteria for selecting the finalist applications: Excellence and Impact.

Prizes and Mentions
Three special mentions will be recognised:

  • Horizons, reserved for prototypes and experimental innovations in robotics;
  • Food, dedicated to technological innovation in the agri-food sector;
  • Health, dedicated to technological innovation in the field of medicine.
    Special prize for the Horizons section

The application receiving the Horizons special mention will be awarded a 12 sq.m stand (start formula) in the Automation and Robotics area at MECSPE 2025 worth € 4,276.00 + VAT.

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