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Sacs Tecnorib Spa: Nicola Antonelli appointed Chief Marketing Officer

Sacs Tecnorib CMO

Nicola Antonelli, 36, a graduate of the IULM University of Languages and Communication in Milan, started his professional career at Ducati Motor Holding S.p.a., in various roles within the Sales & Marketing division. He collaborated with internationally renowned companies in the maritime industry before eventually becoming part of Sacs Tecnorib Spa.

“I could almost say that it is a return to my roots, as boating is a family legacy and an industry that I have always followed from up close. More than 10 years in a company of excellence such as Ducati have been invaluable and have given me insight into the macro-trends of the automotive industry, from which the marine sector sometimes draws inspiration and looks to. The idea of being able to translate this experience into the naval sector was an encouragement, the fact that I could express myself in a field that I am viscerally passionate about the motivation that drove me to this new professional adventure. I am pleased and proud to be part of a fantastic team, and I will dedicate all my efforts to be able to contribute to the future of the shipyard.”

In carrying his work, Nicola Antonelli will report directly to Matteo Magni and Giovanni De Bonis, President and CEO of Sacs Tecnorib Spa, respectively.

History of the company

Founded in 1989, Sacs srl has been characterized over the years for its luxury “maxi-ribs”, with the Strider range. It put industry innovation through the introduction of the REBEL line, featuring yachts ranging from 40 to 55 feet.

Drawing inspiration from the world of RIBs, these vessels embody a distinct design approach.

Tecnorib_PIRELLI 42

Simultaneously, Tecnorib has played a pivotal role in solidifying the maxi-rib market thanks to a partnership spanning over 15 years with the brand PIRELLI.

The existing product lines, PIRELLI Tender and PIRELLI SPEEDBOATS, integrate the shipyard’s experience and technological expertise with the DNA of Pirelli.

“The integration of the two entities, culminating in the formation of Sacs Tecnorib Spa in 2021, signifies the successful realization of our determined growth objectives in recent years and the bolstering of our footprint in international markets. The investments, site development plans, and empowerment of our organisational structure with key managerial additions, including Nicola, lay the foundation for our entire team to embrace new opportunities and challenges on the horizon”.

President Matteo Magni.


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