SACS TECNORIB SPA 2023 income data announced

sacs tecnorib

Participation at Boot Düsseldorf was an opportunity for Sacs Tecnorib to present the results of its growth and confirm its role in the maxirib industry.

A commercial success was the Rebel 50 G, which, though with clear references to the rib world, identifies an unconventional yacht. The company continues to look to the future with determination and ambition, aiming to consolidate its position in the market.

Indeed, the company, which has recorded annual revenue growth of 25% in the past three years, can declare a turnover of 59.3 million euros in 2023, with 141 units sold of the Sacs, PIRELLI and Rebel brands, excluding the PIRELLI tender range.

Rebel 50 (also on cover)

A significant figure is the order backlog for 2024, which also foresees significant growth in sales for this year. 

The production area includes 3 sites with almost 20,000 square metres of covered space, also thanks to the company’s major investment in expanding the Roncello boatyard with a plant dedicated to the construction of boats over 45 feet that will be inaugurated in spring this year.

“This growth process is the result of a long-term vision that has involved bold decisions and strategic investments with people and the company at the centre, with a significant ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – approach. Sustainability also means people, production processes, supplies, and the development of existing products and new ranges”.

Matteo Magni, Chairman of Sacs Tecnorib.
We are proud of these figures achieved, thanks to a broad product range and a strengthened distribution network that now includes 67 sales outlets worldwide. The new X tender line, which joins the J, the collaboration with Mansory that will give rise to a custom edition of PIRELLI 42, together with the Strider and PIRELLI Speedboats lines, allow us to meet the needs of a wide range of customers with exclusive maxiribs and tenders from 2.5 up to 18 metres, in addition to Rebel with boats with rib family feeling but yacht characteristics", adds Gianni De Bonis, CEO.

Products exhibited in Düsseldorf

At Boot in Düsseldorf, Sacs Tecnorib unveiled several novelties. Among them, its new collaboration with Mansory, the German company of customising luxury cars that shares with Sacs Tecnorib the same focus on technology, sportiness and elegance, as well as a strong customer-oriented strategy.

The first product of the partnership, a totally customised PIRELLI 42, was presented to the public in a 1:30 scale model and will be officially launched in the coming months.

World premiere also for the new PIRELLI X350 and X400 Tenders representing the newly unveiled X range, whose design is characterised by soft and accommodating shapes.

Its features include the on-board layout, as well as the availability of dedicated accessories and customisations to make the tenders versatile and tailored to the customer’s needs.

Walkaround line

The Pirelli Walkaround line, created in collaboration with the Swedish firm Mannerfelt Design Team, was represented by PIRELLI 35, 42 and 50, featuring double-step hulls designed by Ocke Mannerfelt himself.

The PIRELLI 35 is a 11-metre, characterised by attention to on-board accessories, a large dinette with bathroom, and a range of standard equipment. It is available in outboard and inboard versions and has a maximum speed of over 50 knots in the outboard version with 2x400hp engines.

The PIRELLI 42, has two sun beds, outdoor living area with table and, below deck, a cabin with convertible dinette and separate bathroom. Engines of different power ratings can be installed for a maximum of 1350 hp in the outboard version, which with the new Mercury 500 and triple engines will become 1500 hp for a maximum speed of over 60 knots.

The flagship of the line, the PIRELLI 50, combines the sportiness of a maxirib with the roominess of a yacht.

Suitable for day and mid-range cruises, but also ideal as a superyacht chase boat, it offers great freedom of movement and features sunbathing areas, dining area and ergonomic three-seat helm station.

Other models on display

Another important model was the Rebel 50 G, the newest addition to the range designed by Christian Grande – presented in Cannes in September and winner of a World Yachts Trophies – with the Rebel 47.

Representing the Strider range, on the other hand, were the STRIDER 10, STRIDER 11 and STRIDER 15. The first, over 9 metres long, can accommodate up to 16 people and offers two beds and a bathroom. 

The STRIDER 11 is available in two versions, “Sun-Deck” and “Open-Back”, accommodates 14 passengers, and has two beds and a bathroom.

Finally, the STRIDER 15, the progenitor and flagship of the range designed like the others by Grande, is characterised by a more pronounced bow, and special attention to detail and deck layout.