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CMC Marine USA, founded in 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, is gearing up for a period of transformation and major events.

After the recent appointment of Raffa Invrea as Managing Director, the US branch of the  producer of electrically operated stabilization systems will play a central role in the three-year, €10 million growth plan recently announced by Alessandro Cappiello, based on the three pillars of product, production capacity and offering.  

The strategy drawn up by CMC Marine, which has more than doubled its turnover in the last three years, involves a reorganization of both internal processes in the United States and relations with American dealers and distributors, with the aim of extending coverage to Central and South America and the Asia Pacific region.  

“The United States is a huge market with an almost boundless and highly diverse user base. Establishing a close-knit geographical presence through a network of distributors and dealers spread across the entire country is crucial for brand growth. The USA is a gateway and stepping stone to other very active markets such as Brazil and Central and South America, but also Canada and the Asia Pacific area”.

Raffa Ivrea

Drawing strength from the industry insights and consolidated personal network of the new Managing Director, and from the expertise of Operations Manager Andrea Cavaliere (who joined CMC Marine back in 2022), plus a new social media strategy (LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook), the American unit will be taking part in the main American boat shows in order to fine-tune the brand’s offering for a customer base with different needs to the European market, as well as to build loyalty and establish relations with local dealers and distributors.  

Next boat shows

After receiving good feedback at the Seattle Boat Show, CMC Marine USA will be taking part in the Miami International Boat Show (from February 14 to 18) and the Trawlerfest in Stuart (from February 27 to March 2).  

On display at the three US boat shows will be several examples of Waveless STAB, the range featuring the compact electric stabilizing systems, designed for boats upwards of 12 metres in length, which will soon be expanded by the introduction of a new size, STAB50 with a 1.8 sq m fin.

On show in Miami there will also be a Stabilis Electra unit, the stabilization system for yachts at anchor over 18 metres in length.  

CMC Marine will be at the Miami International Boat Show from February 14 to 18, 2024, stand HP 105, and at the Trawlerfest in Stuart (FL) from February 27 to March 2.


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The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy